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Devoted Greenies

Which group was this? members believed that the planet Earth was about to be recycled (wiped clean, renewed, refurbished and rejuvenated) Group members gave up their material possessions and lived a highly ascetic life devoid of many indulgences. The group … Continue reading

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“Tropical Storms will typically bring 20 to 30 percent of our area’s yearly rainfall.”

Tim LaRow, Research Scientist at COAPS says, “A few years ago there was a tremendous drought in north Georgia, Lake Lanier was very very low, and it took a tropical storm to dump several inches of rain to bring the … Continue reading

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Heat Index In Antarctica

Feels like -88 http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/89828.html

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Coworker Quit Because He Couldn’t Work With Phil Jones


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Chile Hit By Heatindexwave

Chile hit by ‘white earthquake’ of heavy snow A “white earthquake” of heavy snow has blanketed parts of Chile leading the government to declare a “disaster area” in eight municipalities where around 16,000 people were left isolated. Temperatures plunged to … Continue reading

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Have Climate Models Ever Gotten Anything Right?

They seem to be almost 100% negatively correlated with the climate.

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Unusual Year?

http://lakepowell.water-data.com/ Reader “rw” wrote in before complaining that I was focused on one “unusual” year of water gain at Lake Powell. Lake Powell has steadily gained 80 feet of water over the last seven years, and is now 528 feet … Continue reading

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1047 Days And Counting

Due to the unprecedented extreme weather caused by an increase of 0.00009 CO2 mole fraction over the last hundred years, the US has gone 1047 days without a hurricane strike. Will Don end the streak?  

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Lake Powell Still Gaining Water

Despite historically large releases of water from the dam, Lake Powell is still gaining elevation and is at the highest level in ten years. Apparently the “biblical flood” must have hit. http://lakepowell.water-data.com/ Gavin says that Lake Powell drying up is … Continue reading

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Climate Liars Convince Utah Man To Ruin His Life

On Dec. 19, 2008, a 27-year-old man named Tim DeChristopher, troubled by American energy policy and its contribution to global warming, broke the law. He did so by attending a federal auction in Utah, where energy developers were bidding on … Continue reading

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