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“More big Yellowstone fires predicted with climate change”

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/greenspace/2011/07/yellowstone-fire-climate-change.html Never mind the record cold and snow in Yellowstone, models say it is getting hot and dry there. Did the author not notice the snow in the picture? Below is a Yellowstone fire from 110 years ago which would … Continue reading

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First England, Then The Polar Bears, And Now The Mussels

According to Paul Ehrlich, England disappeared in a cloud of blue steam over 11 years ago. Then the polar bear population tripled, and now the Mussels are doomed because of CO2. Never mind that shellfish evolved with CO2 levels 10-20 … Continue reading

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Ocean Acidification To Exterminate California Mussles

The iconic California mussel could be among the first casualties of oceans made more acidic by global warming, a new study of the coastal shellfish shows. But increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that climate scientists attribute to … Continue reading

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Time For Another 100 Degree Hill Climb

Ain’t summer grand!

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Societal Incompetence

This story wreaks of stupidity, adult irresponsibility and incompetence. There is no reason for children to be put through hell like this. One guy walking around a wooded island looking for kids to shoot for 90 minutes, would have been … Continue reading

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Norwegian Mass Murderer Weighs In With Manson And Osama

Manson and Osama are mass murder alarmists, and Breivik has weighed in as a mass murder denier. They should let him and Manson duke it out to the death. http://thinkprogress.org/ h/t to Marc Morano

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1,057 Record High US Temperatures In The Last Seven Days

I’ve been riding hills in the heat every day, and it has been on the warm side. http://mapcenter.hamweather.com/records/7day/us.html?c=maxtemp,mintemp,snow

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Dangerous Sea Level Rise In Sweden


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Dangerously Hot Water Surrounds The US

http://weather.unisys.com/surface/sst_anom.gif Washington and Oregon both had their coldest June on record this year. Disclaimers : Washington State is much smaller than either Washington DC or Moscow. Once the missing heat comes back from being AWOL, the oceans will become boiling … Continue reading

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Monterey Bay Shows No Change In Sea Level Or pH

Monterey, CA is a wonderful town – one of my favorites. I took my kids there almost every weekend when they were small. It is also a hotbed of global warming alarmism – most notably predictions of an ice-free Arctic … Continue reading

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