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It’s The 气溶胶 – No It’s The Sun – No It Is A Bloody Straight Line

Sorry folks, Armageddon isn’t happening.

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Radical New Idea From Salon : The Sun Affects The Earth’s Climate

Never underestimate the brilliance of warmists. They may be three centuries late, but eventually they show up. There are three major factors that affect the planet’s temperature and, by extension, its agricultural development: volcanic activity, the presence or absence of … Continue reading

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Hiding The Satellite

Playing hide the satellite is almost as much fun as playing hide the salami. http://www.aviso.oceanobs.com/ How do we deal with that inconvenient ESA satellite? I know, lets make the line very faint yellow,  and not normalize the starting point – … Continue reading

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Ladies : Would You Accept This Proposal?

I love you just the way you are! Time for change. You must change. Change is coming. I will change you. You must change. Change change change change change change change change change change change change change change change change … Continue reading

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Climate Change Lunatics Costing Australians Much More Than Taxes

PORT Albert, on Victoria’s southeast coast, is a pretty-as-a-picture fishing village that is at war with the science of climate change. Residents in the village have been told that because of rising sea levels, new housing has to be built … Continue reading

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Did Tevez Throw The Match?

Tevez had everything to gain by playing poorly yesterday. Almost As Bad As The American Women City is asking too much for him, and the only way for him to get out of England is to bring his value down. … Continue reading

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The July 1934 Heatwave

http://cdiac.ornl.gov/ High temperatures in Manhattan, Kansas averaged 106.4 degrees in July, 1934. That is eleven degrees hotter than July, 2011 so far. http://www.wunderground.com/ The entire country was blistering hot that month. http://docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/062/mwr-062-07-c1.pdf

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Where Are The Millions Of Green Jobs?

The US elects a clueless derelict who has never had a real job, knows nothing about business, and whose primary concern is that people worship him. Then everything falls apart. Weird how that works.      

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Hope And Change – At Obama’s Golf Course

http://hawaiinewsdaily.com/ h/t to Dave G

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Disturbing Imagery Of Lake Powell Today

I am so glad I am not there. That would totally suck.

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