Obama’s CV

Birthplace – just found my birth certificate recently

Education – none of your business

Skills – teleprompter reading

Experience – talk, talk, talk, talk, umm, talk, talk, talk


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8 Responses to Obama’s CV

  1. Friends: Jeremiah Wright You know, it’s high time this country had a national dialogue on race…

  2. He really is just Mister Transparency, isn’t He?

  3. suyts says:

    This is almost funny, except it is a display of grand idiocy.

    The only threat to our defaulting on our debt is Barrack Obama. We make enough revenue to pay our debt and we are constitutionally required to make our debt payments first. Even then, we have enough money to pay Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and children’s health insurance, defense, federal law enforcement and immigration, all veterans benefits, Response to natural disasters, and all interest.

    There is no crisis except in the mind of the president. I believe hearings need to be convened to determine if he’s capable of distinguishing reality or not. Clearly, his fitness to execute the duties of his office are in serious question.

  4. Sean Peake says:

    Obama: Swahili for “empty suit.”

  5. u.k.(us) says:

    Here is a 2 hour radio (WGN) interview with the author of:
    “Radical In Chief, Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism”.


  6. It's always Marcia, Marcia says:

    I think he is unable to hide his true intent anymore. The varnich is gone. This is Barack Obama. Time tells everything. All Barack Obama has now is the caricature that some had described him as before he was elected. The caricature was true. He has been reduced to the lowest common denominator of the facade he made himself into through his books and speeches. What once people thought was going to be change to a utopia is just, in true form to who he has always been, change into socialism, favoritism toward a certain segment of the populace, and juvenile idealism. He has no ability to deal with adulthood. He has never been made to do that his whole life. Though all of Washingtion isn’t much more mature than him. But maybe they are mature enough to stop him and expose him further to the American people as the weak, selfish human he is. Affirmative Action has turned out to be a disadvantage to him since it sheltered him from facing the harshness of the world. He is soft and may be lookin g for some sort of racial favoritism to save him now. But America doesn’t have the luxury of such idealism now. These are very grave times. The adults must take things over now.

  7. Al Gored says:

    VERY interesting article about the mysterious Barack/Barry:

    The Chosen One


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