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NYT Warns That Flooded North Dakota Faces A Devastating Drought

Brilliant research! Everyone knows that the reason North Dakota is full of lush green rainforests is because of the very consistent rainfall they receive year after year. North Dakota rainforests are even more lush than those found in Arizona. This … Continue reading

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Native American Tribe Thinks Casinos Are Cultural And Fire Is Permanent

New Mexico never had any forest fires before you bought your SUV. http://www.santafenewmexican.com/Local%20News/Fire-hits-pueblo-hard

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Some Truth Accidentally Slips Through At MSNBC

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Researchers Making Lots Of Friends

Out of control rent seekers posing as scientists have been making lots of claims of doomed  industries over the last decade. Most notably the ski, wine and tourist industries. In a sense they are correct. If their carbon taxes come … Continue reading

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William Herschel On Sunspots And Wheat Prices In The 17th Century

Periods of low sunspot counts correlated with high wheat prices. http://books.google.com/books

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Wildebeest Move To Higher Ground In Greenland

With summer setting in along the coast, where temperatures have gotten as high as 5C recently – the Wildebeest herds have moved up to higher “ground” where mid-summer temperatures are a more pleasant minus thirteen degrees this fine July afternoon. … Continue reading

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Global Warming (BS) Threatens Stanford’s Reputation

More on the junk science reported yesterday out of Stanford University In the next 30 years, high-value vineyards in Northern California could shrink by 50% because of global warming, according to a new Stanford University study released Thursday. Applying scenarios … Continue reading

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Seek – And Ye Shall Find

Reach a conclusion, then selectively seek evidence to back it up. And always remember that history began in 1950. Scientists seek link between climate change and extreme weather events Link between climate change and recent extreme weather events can no … Continue reading

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Your Evil Pollution Is Masking Your Evil Pollution

Some scientists got paid €15 million to reach that conclusion. Atmospheric aerosol particles (otherwise known as Particulate Matter) have been masking the true rate of greenhouse gas induced global warming during the industrial period. New investigations show that the aerosol … Continue reading

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David de Gea Agrees To Stand Behind Phil Jones For £18.3m

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