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The Permanent Drought

Three days ago The New York Times lamented the drought in the deep south  and compared it to the Dust Bowl. http://www.wunderground.com/

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We Can Say For Sure

During the 1930s, China was hit with several disastrous floods which killed millions of people. We can say for sure that these events were not caused by man-made CO2, and we also know that events of this type are less … Continue reading

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No Dissent Allowed In This Democracy

How do you make a consensus? Fire and/or intimidate anyone who disagrees. Then there is no dissent. There was never any dissent in the Soviet Union. http://www.udel.edu/Geography/Legates/Governors%20Letter%20to%20Legates.pdf

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Quit Lying, Mr. President

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Inside The Perverted Intellect Of The True Believer

If you put a block of ice inside a dry pot, and put it on a stove with the lid on – the ice will melt and the level of the water will steadily increase. It will not go down … Continue reading

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Climate Stupid Taken To A New Level By Salon

It’s impossible to say with certainty that this particular drought — caused by a lingering La Niña event in the Pacific — is a direct result of global warming. http://www.salon.com/ Are they suggesting that a huge body of cold water … Continue reading

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