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10-year-old shouted: “Now you’ve killed my dad. Let us alone. “

http://translate.google.com/translate How pathetic that no one within two hours of the island had a rifle. There is no reason for a society to march like sheep to slaughter. If you are in charge of children, it should be mandatory that … Continue reading

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102 And Loving It

I did a 20 mile ride this morning up into the foothills and got chased by a pitbull. AC and car free. The only way to go when the weather is nice. We only get about six weeks of summer … Continue reading

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Bob Berwyn : Colorado River Water Levels To Shrink By 50%!

SUMMIT COUNTY — Water levels in the Colorado River could shrink by 40 to 50 percent in the next half-century, with almost unimaginable consequences for the arid Western states that rely on its water, according to some scenarios outlined by … Continue reading

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Obama : Lake Powell To Go Dry In Nine Years!

  White House says US temperatures to rise by eleven degrees this century! http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31389977/ns/us_news-environment/  

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My Blown Lake Powell Forecast

On the first day of summer, I forecast that Lake Powell would rise to about 3,655 feet. It is now up to 3,660 feet. It will probably peak at around 3,662 feet, despite the fact that they have been letting … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Heatwave Frequency Has Declined Dramatically

The graph above plots the number of years from the closest  month where the USHCN high temperatures averaged over 100 degrees in Meeker, Oklahoma. Prior to 1960, Meeker would have an extremely hot month about once every 2-3 years. The … Continue reading

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July Warming In New Jersey During The Last 60 Years

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Science Writer Fails To Put 2 And 2 Together

1799: Thomas Jefferson, Noah Webster And The First Global Warming Debate Jefferson was not only the first Republican, he was the first to raise concern about global warming – another anomaly. ,,,,. He was convincing enough that the science consensus … Continue reading

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1936 : Hottest Summer In US History – And Niagara Falls Froze


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67th Coldest Year To Date In The US

Year to date temperatures in the US have been right at the 1895-2011 mean of 48.5 degrees. Fifty years were hotter, including 1934 – which was 2.5 degrees warmer. 1925 was 1.5 degrees warmer, and 1911 was more than one … Continue reading

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