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Smokey’s Legacy Is Dying

Word from the fire lines is that much of acreage of the Las Conchas  fire burning near Los Alamos, NM consists of ground fire only – i.e not in the crowns of the trees. Why is this? Starting in 1977, … Continue reading

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James Risbey : Ice Sheets Melting Soon

James is a really nice guy. He was at my table in Lisbon, so be polite. the melting and breakdown of polar ice sheets seems to be in the vicinity of a couple of degrees warming. This expectation is based … Continue reading

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Waiting On That Record Minimum

The experts tell us that Arctic ice is the thinnest and youngest on record. They tell us that ice extent and area are the smallest on record. They tell us that the Arctic air and water is the warmest on … Continue reading

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Bicycle Pays For Itself In Three Months

You can get a decent road bike for about $1,000 – mine was $800 new. I ride almost 10,000 miles per year. 80% of that is shopping, commuting, going to visit friends, etc. – i.e. things I would otherwise have … Continue reading

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Coldest June In Ireland In 40 Years

June 2011 was the coldest June since 1972 in many areas, according to Met Éireann, with mean temperatures finishing around 1.0c below normal over the country. In their just released monthly review for June, Met Éireann say that “Shannon Airport, … Continue reading

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Game Over – Arctic Basin Is Out Of Ice

Except for 95% of the area – which has lots of ice. http://www.arctic.io/

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Shock News : Piling Up Kindling Wood On The Forest Floor For 100 Years Is A Bad Idea

Thanks, Smokey!  

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National Geographic : Glacier Park To Melt Within Nine Years

http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/03/090302-glaciers-melting.html The problem is that there is too much snow for anyone to get in there and check it out. http://missoulian.com/ h/t to Eric Barnes

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No More Ring Around The Bathtub

End of June inflow into Lake Powell is the second highest on record. The Obama administration warned last month that Lake Powell is drying up. http://lakepowell.water-data.com/index2.php?as_of=1964-06-29  

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Romm’s 2011 Dust Bowl

Romm says that the 2011 drought is the worst ever.

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