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More On The GISS / Had Crut Divergence

Since 1997/1998, GISS has been steadily diverging from Had Crut. I have been accused of “cherry picking” this date. In this article I will show that is not the case.

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The Freezing Point And The Dew Point – Part 2

Yesterday we looked at the difference between the freezing point and dew point (or frost point) of water. Please read that article first.

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Blame It On Bush

Unemployment has more than doubled since Harry Reid and the Democrats took over the US Senate four years ago, promising change.

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Hurricane Season Close To Average So Far

http://www.weatherstreet.com/hurricane/2010/Hurricane-Atlantic-2010.htm Not much change in the immediate forecast.

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Quantifying The Greenhouse Effect In The Tropics

Dr. Hansen has told us that the very survival of “life as we know it” depends on reducing CO2 levels to 350 ppm (parts per million.) http://maps.grida.no/go/graphic/greenhouse-effect I calculated the greenhouse effect using the same radiative transfer model incorporated in … Continue reading

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September 5 Sea Ice News

The Arctic is getting rather chilly, with temperatures over the entire ice pack ranging from 0 to minus 15ºC. Over the last few days, a lot of the remaining low concentration ice in the East Siberian Sea has melted out. … Continue reading

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X-Ray Vision

Anthony reports on WUWT that geologists are being prosecuted in Italy for failing to forecast an earthquake. It is difficult to overstate how ludicrous this is. I can imagine that there would be many benefits to having superpowers, but geologists … Continue reading

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WMO : “Huge areas where information is not gathered”

They may be missing half the earth, but they can still measure the earth’s temperature accurately to within one hundredth of a degree. http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2010/sep/05/google-galaxy-zoo-climate-project Climate scientists meeting in Britain this week hope to build a database to predict natural disasters … Continue reading

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The Guardian Worries About The Dangers of Expecting The IPCC To Be Competent

Telegraph Image John Vidal writes in The Guardian : If Rajendra Pachauri goes, who on Earth would want to be IPCC chair? No future chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change can ever feel safe if Dr Pachauri is … Continue reading

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