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Sunderland Scores Both Goals In 1-1 Tie

Arsenal falls further behind …..

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This blog is just over two weeks old and we just hit our 1,000th comment. Thanks everyone!

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Last October Through March Was The (Fourth) Snowiest On Record In The Northern Hemisphere

Correction – there was an error in my spreadsheet. This past October through March was fourth snowiest after 1973, 2003 and 1978. The corrected graph is below.  Thanks to reader Charlie Williams for pointing it out. The other graph is … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi 2008 – Saving The Planet Requires Suspension Of Democracy

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Obama’s Stimulus – $2 Million Per Job In LA

The audit says the numbers were disappointing due to bureaucratic red tape, absence of competitive bidding for projects in private sectors, inappropriate tracking of stimulus money and a laxity in bringing out timely job reports.

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Peru Hoping For Global Climate Disruption

Rugby Players Eat Their Dead Temperatures in the Andes Mountains have gotten colder and the indigenous peoples have been struggling to survive. This year the neighbouring district of Puno saw a severe spike in child mortality as the winter brought … Continue reading

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Rafael Nadal At 12

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What Do These Couples Have In Common?

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Early Winter in Canada And Northern US

Early Snow In Montana Snow began falling in some areas of north central Montana and along the Rocky Mountain Front early on Friday, leaving some people checking their calendar to see if it is still, in fact, summer.

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Dr. Hansimian Forecast Update

Dr. Hansimian forecast 6-8 hurricanes this year, and we are currently at six.

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