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Chelsea 17 – Rest Of The World 1

Brilliant goal by Scott Parker though.

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Are Icebergs Unusual?

The amazing amount of press coverage for one large iceberg this summer was indicative of how poorly educated the public is.

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How Much Multi-Year Ice in 2011?

The modified NSIDC  image above shows the maximum possible amount of multi-year ice (MYI) we could have in spring 2011. It assumes that all of the 2+ year old ice from the end of July remained intact.

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June 2007

2007 was the summer of the record low ice extent. It also was the summer of …

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Look For A Significant Increase In Multi-Year Ice Over The Winter

The image above is an overlay of NSIDC’s end of July ice age map on their most recent extent map.

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More Evidence Of An Arctic/Antarctic Ice Relationship

I took the UIUC polar ice area daily data since 2000, and calculated 60 day running means for the anomalies. In the graph above, the Arctic data is shifted horizontally to the right by six months (to normalise seasons) and … Continue reading

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How Low Will They Get?

Web Of Trust (WOT) is an Internet service which provides people useful information about dishonest vendors. Users install a plugin to their browser, and a window will pop up if they go to a site with a bad reputation for … Continue reading

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