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Joe Romm Asks : What will future generations condemn us for?

US National Debt That is an easy one. We are leaving each of our children more than $100,000 debt  to facilitate lazy, self-indulgent, politically correct stupidity. Simultaneously, we have allowed our freedoms and the fabric of our society to be … Continue reading

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Making “Life From Scratch”

One of the dumbest science concepts in the press this year is the claim of “making life from scratch.” Your building materials are shown below. Have at it.

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NSIDC 5 Day Ice Growth

Areas in green show where the ice edge has grown since September 20. Areas in red show ice loss.

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GISS Provides Some Comic Relief

Someone at GISS appears to have a sense of humour. The graph above shows annual average temperatures (not anomalies) for the capital of Greenland. It looks like 2010 is by far the warmest year on record.

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Heatwave In Russia : Snow Extent Well Above Normal

Daily Departure – September 25, 2010 (Day 268) We are three days into Autumn, and much of Russia is already covered with snow. More than half of Russia is running below freezing temperatures, as is Alaska and northern Canada.

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Arctic Melting Both “Faster” And “Slower” Than “Expected”

This bear found the last remaining piece of ice. A Google search for “ice melting faster than expected” turns up 134,000 results. A Google search for “ice melting slower than expected” turns up 433,000 results.

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Arctic Ice Continues To Grow At A Record Rate

http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/CT/animate.arctic.color.0.html Over the last few days, 30% concentration Arctic ice extent has increased by about 10% – a very early and rapid freeze for mid-September.

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1000 Manhattans Per Day

The summer melt season is over, and the Arctic is now gaining ice at a rate of  60,000 km² per day. In more technical terms, that is  1,000 Manhattans per day, or 250 Petermann Glacier Ice Islands per day. You … Continue reading

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Cancun Is A Better Choice Than Copenhagen

Washington DC blizzard which forced an early end to the Copenhagen global warming negotiations This December, the annual UN climate boondoggle will be held in Cancun. That seems like a better choice than Copenhagen for a number of reasons.

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#82 On WordPress

http://botd.wordpress.com/2010/09/26/top-posts-1610/ Thanks everyone. After only three weeks, we have made the top 100 out of 248,290 new posts – from 323,880 bloggers. 82/248,290 is about the same ratio as atmospheric CO2 concentration.  ;^)

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