WMO : “Huge areas where information is not gathered”

They may be missing half the earth, but they can still measure the earth’s temperature accurately to within one hundredth of a degree.


Climate scientists meeting in Britain this week hope to build a database to predict natural disasters precisely. And records of the voyages of the Bounty and Beagle will assist them in their task.

The Met Office eliminated a natural disaster last year, by dropping their seasonal forecasts.

Leading climate scientists will gather in the UK this week to finalise plans for a revolutionary project aimed at transforming their ability to predict meteorological disasters. The goal is to create an international databank that would generate forecasts of unprecedented precision.

Ah … now we understand why hurricane forecasting is so inaccurate. It is because they don’t have an “international databank.”

The scientists’ plans include: Creating a global network of weather stations that would provide daily temperature readings for any spot on the planet. At present, only monthly readings are generated for the United States and Europe, while virtually no data is provided for much of Africa, the Amazon and Antarctica.

We don’t need no stinking satellites. As long as there is a thermometer within 1200 km, we should be OK.

“It is now very clear that humanity is changing the climate through the greenhouse gases we are pumping into the atmosphere,” said Peter Stott, head of climate monitoring at the UK Met Office, one of the organisers of this week’s meeting. “But we don’t know yet, and what we really must find out is how those changes will affect a particular area.

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12 Responses to WMO : “Huge areas where information is not gathered”

  1. Leon Brozyna says:

    In the real world inhabited by hard working productive people, you fail, you’re fired.

    In the fantasy world of government entities, you fail, you invoke the 2 response solution:

    — I need more money.
    — I need more power.

    And repreat as often as needed — new fiscal year or new crisis. True for economic advisors or science advisors.

  2. Steven Mosher says:

    “They may be missing half the earth, but they can still measure the earth’s temperature accurately to within one hundredth of a degree.”

    1. LAND not globe. Those dots are land stations.

    2. Nobody claims accuracy to 1/100th of a degree.

  3. jouko varis says:

    Link for that dotmap?
    (dots are on seas,too…)

  4. baffled24 says:

    Earth surface; land 30% oceans 70%. Land surface has large differences and variations in temperature over relatively short distances. Ocean temperatures are much more evenly spread over large areas with a much closer temperature range. Would you replicate the red dots on land two fold, and float them as thermometers in the ocean? Measured with 1/100 of a degree accuracy? Who’s claim is that? Yours?

  5. Phil's Dad says:

    Isn’t that the bird flue map?

  6. Phil's Dad says:

    I meant flu of course. (or, since it was birds, did I mean flew?)

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