Hurricane Season Close To Average So Far

Not much change in the immediate forecast.

SSTs continue to plummet. Areas with white show regions where anomalies are within +/- 1ºC

Looks like we are headed for a fairly typical hurricane season.

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  1. Leon Brozyna says:

    Better that you use the Hurricane metric as you did with that first chart than the number of named storms metric. The problem with the number of named storms is that the average is probably less than we would expect since half the data for the average is derived from the pre-satellite era. You have to wonder about how many storms might have formed out in the Atlantic and then faded without ever being identified, resulting in a lower average. Now we can catch so many of these transient events, which results in a higher than average count of named storms. Gaston comes to mind as a perfect example. During the pre-satellite era, Gaston would never have been caught.

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