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Understanding Phase Diagrams

http://math.nyu.edu/~gladish/teaching/eao/water-phase-diagram.jpg A person inexperienced with interpreting phase diagrams would conclude that no water vapour (gas phase) can exist below the boiling point. Consider the red circle. Temperature is 40C and one atmosphere pressure – a typical day in the Amazon … Continue reading

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“Over in America, we have this rule: if you want to motivate someone, don’t mention death.”

Wikipedia Image : Chicken Run Seven billion people share this planet. We have finite resources of clean air and water, food, fossil fuels, and other essential resources. Yet we squander these resources, which should be our children’s inheritance. Some people … Continue reading

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Had Crut Continues To Show 2010 Lower Than 1998

Had Crut July temperatures are out, and continue to track cooler than 1998.

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Deviation Of GISS and Had Crut Since 1998

Since 1998, GISS and Had Crut annual temperatures have been diverging at a rate of about 1°C per century. The graph below shows the normalised trends for GISS, UAH, RSS and HadCrut from 1998-2009. GISS shows warming from 1998-2009. Everyone … Continue reading

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Rewriting History

The March 1, 1975 edition of Science News included the graph below. It showed that Northern Hemisphere temperatures dropped by 0.4 degrees between 1940 and 1970. The current GISS northern hemisphere graph (1900-present) is shown below. It shows a smaller … Continue reading

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Weekly Romm Forecast

Look for something along the lines of “Heavy snow, followed by heat, followed by a hurricane. Proof of global warming.“

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James Hansen Compares Summer Heat Waves

Dr Hansen wrote : What’s happening to our climate? Was the heat wave and drought in the Eastern United States in 1999 a sign of global warming? Empirical evidence does not lend much support to the notion that climate is … Continue reading

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NSIDC Increases Their Arctic Forecast

During July, NSIDC was forecasting a September minimum of 4.74 million km² http://www.arcus.org/search/seaiceoutlook/2010/july In the August report, they have upped their forecast to 5.0 million km². This is just below my submitted estimate of 5.1 for the minimum, down from … Continue reading

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