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Hurricane Season Now Below Average

http://www.weatherstreet.com/hurricane/2010/hurricane-climatology.gif On August 5, NOAA reiterated their belief that this would be an active hurricane season

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Why Time Magazine Doesn’t Care About Being Objective

They make money by selling their brand of prejudice to people of like mind. Their cover story this week could have been written in Germany during the 1930s.

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The Wrong Way to Do Science

http://tvtropes.org The Wrong Way to Do Science is to start with a conclusion, and then look for evidence to back it up.

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Arctic Forecast Verification

My June forecast of 5.5 million km² (JAXA) is currently off by 7%.

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Pictures From the Boulder Fire

News is that “an unknown number of homes have been destroyed.” Below are more  pictures from The Boulder Daily Camera. Afternoon update : Fourmile Fire: Dozens of structures, 7,120 acres burned, says Boulder County sheriff.

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The World’s Highest Wave

Image :  from The Age According to DMI : The world’s highest wave In 1933 was the steamship Ramapo on its way across the Pacific from Manila to San Diego, with a wind at 30 m / s in the … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Thickness Comparison vs. 2006

Total ice extent is lower than 2006, due to persistent southerly winds which have been pushing the ice towards the poles and melting out the thinner ice. 2006                                                            2010 We are told though that the true measure of ice … Continue reading

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Will Global Warming Change The Freezing Point Of Water?

From The Daily Mail Global warming will mean that the Arctic ice will no longer completely refreeze, allowing traffic to pass through for the first time. That is rather far fetched. Winter temperatures in the Arctic Basin average close to … Continue reading

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Climate shifts ‘not to blame’ for African civil wars

Nature News Photo The BBC reports : Climate change is not responsible for civil wars in Africa, a study suggests. It challenges previous assumptions that environmental disasters, such as drought and prolonged heat waves, had played a part in triggering … Continue reading

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The New Periodic Table

Element number 6 has been unofficially renamed from C to G. People now use the words “Carbon” and “Global warming” interchangeably, so it makes sense.

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