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Boulder Fire

‘Many structures’ destroyed in Boulder Co. fire; 200 homes evacuated BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. – More than 200 homes were evacuated in the foothills west of Boulder as a wind-fueled wildfire burned out of control Monday. The “Fourmile Canyon Fire” was … Continue reading

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Are Arctic and Antarctic Ice Correlated?

There may be a correlation between ice extent loss in the Arctic and ice extent gain in the Antarctic. Arctic in red. Antarctic in green

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Riding Against The Wind

We had 45 mph tropical storm force gusts of wind this morning, and I had the interesting experience of riding up into the foothills on grades as steep as 20% – directly into wind. There were a few times when … Continue reading

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New Page – Maps and Graphs

Check it out. There is a link right below Toto http://realclimate.science/maps-and-graphs/

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Russian Heatwave – Below Zero

Russia is finishing up its record heatwave summer with some sub-zero (C) temperatures in the north.

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Proper Building Codes Save Lives

http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/ Christchurch, New Zealand was hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake last Friday, which caused up to 11 feet of horizontal displacement. Yet no one was killed and only two people were injured.

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The “Environmentalists Paradox”

Cartoon from Reason Magazine From The Guardian : We hear lots of concerned chatter these days – not least, here on this site – about peak oil, peak water, deforestation, resource depletion and the like, but a popular riposte offered by … Continue reading

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L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontés et désirs

The road to hell is paved with not so good intentions. From The Guardian : Friends of the Earth urges end to ‘land grab’ for biofuels Charity predicts more food shortages in Africa because of EU target to produce 10% … Continue reading

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Hollister, California

Hollister is famous for several things – bikers, unattractive brand name clothing, and aseismic creep.

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Danielle Was Cool

Hurricanes cool the ocean by moving heat into the upper atmosphere, blocking sunlight, and by mixing up the warm surface layer with colder water underneath. The image below shows the path of Hurricane Danielle superimposed on the UNISYS SST anomaly … Continue reading

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