Same Weather As 1957 Proves Climate Change

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In 1957, Texas went from extreme drought to flood in a matter of weeks.


This year Texas has seen the same pattern – and experts cite the same weather as 1957 as proof of “climate change”

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4 Responses to Same Weather As 1957 Proves Climate Change

  1. omanuel says:

    The scientists who accepted research grants and awards, membership in honorary research societies, Nobel and Crafoord Prizes after 1945 to deceive the public about the source of energy in cores of:

    1. The expanding universe
    2. Galaxies of stars
    3. Ordinary stars
    4. Some planets &
    5. All atoms heavier than 150 amu (atomic mass units)

    probably had no idea they were helping totalitarian rulers enslave all human inhabitants of planet Earth, including their own friends and family members.

    As quickly as possible we need to forgive them for being human and return science to a tool to improve the quality of human life.

  2. markstoval says:

    “Cooling…German Springs Arriving 20 Days Later Than 28 Years Ago!”

    Darn good read for those interested in such matters. And another example of official government lies.

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