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Memorial Day Temperatures In Fort Collins Plummeting

It is ridiculously cold here in Fort Collins, and May 25 temperatures have plummeted five degrees over the past century. President Obama says that anyone who doesn’t believe his global warming lies, is a threat to national security.

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Comparing 1975 National Academy Of Sciences To 2015 GISS

In 1975, the National Academy Of Sciences published this graph, showing about 1°C warming in the Northern Hemisphere from 1885 to 1940, and that all 1900 to 1940 warming was lost by 1970. GISS has since reduced the 1885 to … Continue reading

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Desperate Lies From From Desperate Religious Fanatics

Brad Johnson calls heavy rain in Oklahoma “fossil fuel powered” He is referring to this: Data showed that Oklahoma City has measured its all-time wettest month ever recorded, as rain continued to fall, according to CNN meteorologist Sean Morris. By … Continue reading

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