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After Hundreds Of $Billions Of Research, Scientists Discover The 1930’s

This is shocking. Humans don’t cause warm oceans and mega-droughts after all.  Warm Oceans Caused The Mega-Drought And Hottest Years In The 1934-36 Dust Bowl

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Only Two Years left Until George Bush Melts The Arctic

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Read My Lips : No New Carbon

In 1988. Hansen laid out three global warming scenarios. Scenario C assumed that no new CO2 was put in the atmosphere after the year 2000. We are 15 years past that date, and atmospheric temperatures are below Scenario C. Temperatures … Continue reading

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UN Says Earth Was Destroyed Yesterday

On May 4, 2007 – UN scientists gave us eight years to avoid planetary doom. That date passed yesterday, and the planet died. UN scientists warn time is running out to tackle global warming | Environment | The Guardian This … Continue reading

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Book Your Northwest Passage Cruise – For Only $21,000

The Argus-Press – Jun 24, 2008 Government experts and prophets say the Arctic is ice free, so you can now travel the Northwest Passage for only $21,000 to $47,000. Special Offer | Crystal Cruises This sounds like a fun cruise – freezing … Continue reading

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I’m Just Back From CVS

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