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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

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Dr. Bill Gray Explains Why Climate Models Don’t Work

Crux of AGW’s Flawed Science (Wrong water-vapor feedback and missing ocean influence) William M. Gray Professor Emeritus Colorado State University There are many flaws in the global climate models. But the largest flaw is a result of the climate model’s … Continue reading

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Poudre River 50% Above Its Previous Record For The Date

The Poudre River in Fort Collins is 1000% of normal stream flow, and 50% above its previous record for the date. USGS Current Conditions for USGS 06752260 CACHE LA POUDRE RIVER AT FORT COLLINS, CO Climate expert Barack Obama says … Continue reading

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Colorado Facing Floods Followed By 16 Inches Of Snow

Permanent drought, at its worst National Weather Service Watch Warning Advisory Summary

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Scientists Blame Their Incompetence On Dumb Luck

Two years ago, scientists predicted an increase in hurricanes, based on the scientific theory that making alarmist predictions would get them headlined in the Guardian, and bring in more research money. Global warming and the future of storms | John Abraham … Continue reading

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Global Sea Ice Increasing By One Manhattan Per Hour For The Past Four Years

The amount of sea ice on Earth has increased by two million km² since the start of 2011. This averages to one Manhattan per hour, and is more than the area of Alaska. arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/timeseries.global.anom.1979-2008 Climate experts at NOAA and NASA … Continue reading

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National Wildlife Federation – Inspiring Americans To Lie To And Frighten Children

Global Warming and the Great Lakes – National Wildlife Federation Great Lakes ice cover was third highest on record this winter. last year was the highest. 20150504180000_CVCHACTGL_0008250739.gif Lake Erie water level is the same as 60 years ago. GLWLD – … Continue reading

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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

Progressives believed that a filthy heroin addict millionaire communist was the key to electoral success.

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Tories To Slash Climate Scam Funding

More good news. The climate criminals in academia and government agencies are losing funding all over the world. The Independent understands that the Department of Business and the Department of Energy and Climate Change, previously run by the Lib Dems, … Continue reading

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Anthony Watts And Judith Curry Debunk Climate Denier

Steven Goddard – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Good thing some prominent skeptics are on top of this whole data tampering thing But someone probably should tell Anthony that NCDC uses absolute temperatures rather than anomalies, and that either approach produces nearly … Continue reading

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