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Four Years Past The 15 Year Rule

www1.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/cmb/bams-sotc/climate-assessment-2008-lo-rez.pdf Climate experts say that a 15 year pause is impossible – based on global warming theory. We are now at almost 19 years. If these were actual scientists, the scam would be defunct.

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Oklahoma Scam Turns On A Dime

Two days ago, Oklahoma was having a drought worse than the Dust Bowl. Now it is record wet due to global warming. such downpours are expected to become more common as the world continues to warm thanks to the unabated … Continue reading

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Twenty Years Of Unprecedented Melting Has Left Arctic Sea Ice Unchanged

Climate experts say that the Arctic sea ice is melting down, and will be gone by 2013. The amount of sea ice in the Arctic is essentially identical to 20 years ago. Daily Arctic Sea Ice Maps BBC NEWS | Science/Nature … Continue reading

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Tories Thank Obama For His Support Of Labour

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Global Sea Ice Area Second Highest On Record

Government scientists say that the poles are melting, and the oceans are the warmest on record.  Yet the amount of sea ice on Earth is second highest on record, and last year was third highest. The state of the ice … Continue reading

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Two New Government Funded Research Papers

1. Did A Butterfly Cause Hurricane Sandy? The chaotic nature of Hurricane Sandy could only have been caused by a butterfly flapping its wings. Climate justice demands that butterflies be exterminated. – Dr. Mannkel E. Mike   State Penn University 2. 1930’s Unemployment … Continue reading

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