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Thank You For Signing Up – Now We Will Block You

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This Afternoon’s Climate Fraud Award – Goes To UCLA And The LA Times

Check out this spectacular fraud published by UCLA in the Journal of Climate  “The most important message we want to convey is that it really depends on each scenario we choose — whether we keep on putting carbon dioxide in … Continue reading

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No Correlation Between Sea Level Rise Rate And CO2

The tide gauge at Atlantic City, NJ shows a steady 4.1 mm/year rise rate over the past century.  Data and Station Information for ATLANTIC CITY The rate shows no correlation with atmospheric CO2 This is because the apparent sea level … Continue reading

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Terrifying Imagery Of Global Warming In California

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An Accurate Climate Model Forecast

In 1999, Pat Michaels made one of the very few accurate climate model forecasts Bangor Daily News – Google News Archive Search His forecast was spot on. Climate Analysis | Remote Sensing Systems

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We Have An Early Leader In The Moron Of The Day Competition

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Measuring The Stupidity Of Democratic Lawmakers In Washington DC

Democratic lawmakers in Washington DC, like Barack Obama and Sheldon Whitehouse, believe that they are burning up. To get a feel for the level of stupidity on display by these two clowns, look at the stats for DC. The Potomac … Continue reading

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George Stephanopholus – An Impartial Newscaster For Over 20 Years

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Climate Scientists – Pushing The Same Scam, Century After Century

One year ago, the Guardian announced that the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet had begun. Western Antarctic ice sheet collapse has already begun, scientists warn | Environment | The Guardian Scientists were pushing the identical scam 40 years ago, … Continue reading

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