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Texas Vs. Maryland

Baltimore Democrats intentionally let thugs destroy the city, and then lynched their police department. Garland, Texas simply dispatched their thugs to the morgue. Subtle difference.

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Latest From The Presidential Race

Republicans are running two Hispanics, one of the most successful businessmen in the world, a black brain surgeon, and a woman CEO. Democrats are running a sociopath who was too dishonest to investigate Nixon, and a former mayor of Benghazi on Chesapeake … Continue reading

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Visualizing The Big NASA/NOAA Lie

NASA and NOAA will declare 2o15 to be the hottest year ever, because they have been instructed by the White House to do that. To see how big a lie they are telling, compare April 2015 vs. April 1998

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No Public School Student Has Seen Any Warming During Their Lifetime

Every public school student has subjected to endless global warming propaganda during the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations, but none have seen any warming during their lifetime. April temperatures dropped this year despite the El Nino, and were about the … Continue reading

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The White House Would Never Fabricate Data

The US space agency have become satellite deniers.

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