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Nero Got A Bad Rap

Historians have recently learned that Emperor Nero was simply creating “space to destroy.” His judgment by history has lacked sensitivity. He was a victim of micro-aggression by right wing historians.

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Settled Science Means A 400% Discrepancy

Over the past 21 years, GISS is warming four times faster than the troposphere, where global warming is supposed to be occurring. Climate experts rely on GISS data, because the best place to measure tropospheric CO2 warming is adjacent to 21 … Continue reading

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Should We Give Billions Of Dollars To A Space Agency That Denies Satellites?

NASA ignores their own satellite data, in order to generate propaganda for the White House. Their Earth science funding should be cut off, until they agree to be scientists rather than propagandists. FACT : Obama lies about almost everything.

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Understanding How To Think Like A Progressive

If you are a progressive, you ignore the 55 black on black on black murders in Baltimore so far this year, and then burn the Korean community down over a killing by a white cop – who actually turned out … Continue reading

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