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No Limit To How Stupid Scientists Can Get

Put a stupid idea in a scientist’s head, and look how far he will run with it.   TimesMachine: November 10, 1907 – NYTimes.com

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Australia Used To Be Hotter

Prior to 1940, hot days in Australia were much more common.   Over the course of the full year, afternoon temperatures in Australia were warmer in the 1880’s than in the past decade.

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Hot Days In The US Have Diminished As CO2 Has Increased

Hot weather in the US peaked in the 1930’s, and has dropped off dramatically since then. There were three times as many 95 degree days in 1936 as there were in 2014   As CO2 has increased, the frequency of hot … Continue reading

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Signature Of The 2014 Tipping Point

Last year will be remembered as the year when NOAA and NASA quit making any attempt to appear legitimate, and simply started making up data to suit the needs of the White House The signature is easy to see in … Continue reading

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The NASA Temperature Record Is A Farce

Our most accurate planetary temperatures come from satellites. The US space agency apparently doesn’t believe in satellites, and instead uses a very sparse array of UHI contaminated surface thermometers, and then they tamper with the data to produce a fake warming … Continue reading

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