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On The Other Hand …

This video is worth a watch.

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How President Obama Sees Different Black Men

If I had a son, he would like like Trayvon Hands up, don’t shoot Audit him, Lois

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40 Years Since Climatologists Blamed California Drought On Global Cooling

In 1976, climatologists said that that global cooling caused drought and fires in California, and produced catastrophic erratic weather globally. Climatologists Forecast Stormy Economic Future – Climatologists Forecasting Dire Effects of Weather on World Economy and Social Order – View … Continue reading

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How Congress Can End The Climate Scam

Climate scientists are government contractors. The White House distributes $29 billion per year to academics who will go along with their global warming scam, via fake studies and tampered data. Congress can end this scam by funding actual climate science. … Continue reading

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Progressive Thoughts For Today

Democrats have intentionally turned Baltimore into a complete hell hole of government dependency, crime, drugs and hopelessness, because government dependents vote almost 100% for Democrats. Then they allow their thugs to destroy the city, and run all the businesses out … Continue reading

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Academics Appeal To The Pope To Stifle Debate

Climate scientists and other academics are hopeful that Pope and Catholic Church will be able to stifle debate about their theory of  a CO2 centric universe. Climate experts refuse to listen to Dr. Roy Spencer, because he is a Christian – and … Continue reading

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Global Warming Conspiracy Theorists

Naomi Oreskes of Harvard believes that there is a giant big tobacco/big oil conspiracy of paid skeptics trying to destroy the planet. She has a loyal following in the academic community and the press, who are somehow too lame to actually … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists’ War On Reality Continues Unabated

Scientists say that Greenland is getting dark, and is melting down due to rising temperatures. Darkening ice speeds up Greenland melt, new research suggests | Carbon Brief At the actual Greenland which exists on this planet, they are buried in … Continue reading

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