What Level Of CO2 Would Stop Glaciers From Melting?

Shortly after agreeing to let China double their CO2 emissions over the next 15 years, climate expert Barack Obama told us that reducing CO2 emissions would stop glaciers from melting and sea level from rising. He said that global warming threatens US security.


In light of the huge increase in Chinese emissions, any token reduction in US emissions would be just noise in the global picture. But ignoring the fact that Obama’s logic and mathematics would fail elementary school, what level of atmospheric CO2 would stop the rise of the glaciers?

In 1923, CO2 was 304 PPM – and glaciers were disappearing. Science wondered if the North Pole would melt entirely.



Is the North Pole going to melt entirely?

Science is asking these questions

a radical change in climatic conditions, with hitherto unheard-of high temperatures

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According to NASA, 1923 was one of the coldest years ever, even though the North Pole was melting and the Arctic was experiencing “unheard of high temperatures.

ScreenHunter_9426 May. 23 07.04

But it is worse than it seems. According to NASA, the world was much warmer in the 1970’s than it was in the 1920’s – yet the CIA reported a large increase in Arctic ice and worried about the threat to national security from global cooling.

ScreenHunter_1434 Jul. 30 06.37

ScreenHunter_1435 Jul. 30 06.37

TimesMachine: July 18, 1970 – NYTimes.com

1974 CIA report

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The world’s leading climatologists warned that Earth was headed back into the Little Ice Age, and the CIA said that it threatened US security.

ScreenHunter_9432 May. 23 07.21

CIA Report 1974

So according to NASA, ice melts at low temperatures and freezes at high temperatures – and according to the intelligence community the world is threatened by both warm temperatures and cold temperatures.

This entire climate change farce is based on bogus temperature data from NASA and NOAA, and spectacularly irrational logic coming out of Washington DC. Nothing they are doing makes any sense, yet we are not allowed to talk about it.

And skeptics who pretend that temperature data from NASA and NOAA is legitimate, are enabling this scam.

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4 Responses to What Level Of CO2 Would Stop Glaciers From Melting?

  1. Paul Clark says:

    And skeptics who pretend that temperature data from NASA and NOAA is legitimate, are enabling this scam.

    I like how you mention skeptics. Anyone in mind in particular? Would you include Anthony Watts in this group of NOAA surface-based temperature record supporters? Steven Mosher (surely)?

    It’s just as well NASA etc. sent up all those satellites long before the climate scam started. Too late to tear them down now!

  2. Snowleopard says:

    About four to six feet of solid CO2 should do it.

    If you pack each glacier with the appropriate amount of dry ice, and keep it packed, then that extra CO2 could indeed prevent the glaciers from melting. ::)

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