No Change In Rainfall Intensity In Lubbock

The percentage of rainfall events over 5 cm has not changed at Lubbock, Texas – despite all of Katherine Hayhoe’s hysterical nonsense.

ScreenHunter_9415 May. 20 18.21

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5 Responses to No Change In Rainfall Intensity In Lubbock

  1. Mann: How the hell did this data NOT get adjusted… Jones?? Jones??
    Jones: I’m working on it now Michael…
    Gavin: This Goddard guy is a pain in the a$$ … the Flat Earthers are alive on Twitter asking me about the Drought today… Drought despite all the Rain… Jones.. data manipulate us back into a Drought will ya?
    Jones: Click [Enter] … there.. Rainfall is gone guys… record Drought is back!!

  2. Steven, what say you on this Arctic Sea Ice Data/Graph:

    Now suddenly they have data from 1910?

    • AndyG55 says:

      Would be interesting to see what pre-determined model they based their pre-satellite non-data on.

      Seriously, they are just making stuff up, yet again.

    • Dougmanxx says:

      That graph pegged my personal BS meter as soon as I saw it…

  3. An Inquirer says:

    The documentation for this graph explains that the data and procedures to derive this graph are speculative and the authors understand that confidence cannot be placed on the information in this graph.

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