Signature Of The 2014 Tipping Point

Last year will be remembered as the year when NOAA and NASA quit making any attempt to appear legitimate, and simply started making up data to suit the needs of the White House

ScreenHunter_9322 May. 16 07.06

The signature is easy to see in the graph above. ENSO events get amplified in the troposphere, and TLT temperatures make much larger swings than surface temperatures during El Nino and La Nina events. You can see this in the 2008 La Nina an 2010 El Nino below. Now look at the 2015 El Nino. GISS surface temperatures have swung much higher than troposphere temperatures, which defies physics. This is a smoking gun that the NASA surface data is fake.

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4 Responses to Signature Of The 2014 Tipping Point

  1. SMS says:

    Speaking of tipping point; When is Guam expected to tip into the ocean as predicted by one the Democratic congressmen now sitting in Washington? I expect that the tipping point in this posting is no different than the Guam tipping point. Both the result of a drug flashback to the 60’s.

  2. Ron Clutz says:

    The worst part is, 2015 has to be warmer yet. Cooling is not an option, unthinkable.

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