Hiding The Cold In New York

New York State has been obliterating their records for cold this year – but that simply doesn’t fit the global warming agenda – so Gavin and Tom fixed it.

YearTDeptNRCC (1)

The animation below alternates between measured temperatures which are on a 135 year decline, and reported temperatures – which are claimed to be rapidly rising.


Our friends employed a rather spectacular hockey stick of tampering to make this data massacre happen.

ScreenHunter_8236 Apr. 03 00.47

If they did this in the private sector, progressives would be very, very angry. But since they cheat for the government – they are heroes.

Meanwhile, the New York Times predicts snow-free winters for the Northeast.

ScreenHunter_8237 Apr. 03 01.06

Postcards From Milder Winters, Recent and Future – NYTimes.com

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  1. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Steven, for having the courage to publicly identify these clowns.

    The sad fact is that world leaders have destroyed the public confidence they must have to lead the public.

    • omanuel says:

      You are the only blogger who grasps:

      Leading scientists are now skilled propaganda artists, that alter data or invent imaginary solutions to sidetract any accidental discovery of truth with absolute BS like: Early melting of planet Earth and sinking of iron to Earth’s core; Super-heavy element fission in meteorites; Primordial Ne-A (Ne-B, Ne-C, Ne-D), Ne-E in the early solar system; Solar neutrinos oscillate in the Sun; etc., ad infinitum.

      Nobel and Craffoord Prizes are given for the more skilled deflections from truth.

      Immediately after WWII, the internal composition of the Sun was changed from
      _ a.) Mostly iron (Fe) in 1945 to
      _ b.) Mostly hydrogen (H) in 1946
      and nuclear stability changed from
      _ c.) Minimium value of Aston’s “nuclear packing fraction” to
      _ d.) Maximum value of Weizsacker’s “nuclear binding energy per nucleon”

      These lies isolated humanity from the Reality boldly proclaimed in the pre-1945 flag of Japan. This is the secret information hidden from the public after 1945:

      “Teacher’s Supplement to Solar Energy” https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10640850/Supplement.pdf

  2. gnome says:

    They’ve gotta account for the urban cold island effect somehow!

  3. The scientist. He will spend thirty years in building up a mountain range of facts with the intent to prove a certain theory; then he is so happy in his achievement that as a rule he overlooks the main chief fact of all–that his accumulation proves an entirely different thing.

    Mark Twain

  4. richard says:

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when Gavin and Tom Talk. Hope there is a CG3 soon, well actually this site is.

  5. cheshirered says:

    Gavin and Tom will be regular visitors here, of that there will be no doubt. Hi fella’s – got anything to contribute? 🙂

  6. Me says:

    The only thing missing was the flag ^ x 2!

  7. Gail Combs says:

    Rud Istvan challenged me about my opinion of Judith Curry yesterday and I want to address the issue.

    Rud Istvan says:
    April 3, 2015 at 12:45 am

    DarrylLB, perhaps. I was not paying attention. Could further engage here or over at JC’s. But, you have to read my newest book, foreword from JC, first. Cheap and widely available. Else just another pointless diatribe against diatribe.
    Gail, you might benefit from reading it also. Check the multiple references before passing individual essay judgements. I would welcome being wrong. But need to be pointed to factual evidence, not opinions.

    Ok Rud, I am going to check multiple references before passing individual judgements. However first I want to remind everyone we are dealing with PROFESIONAL STRATEGISTS like Stan Greenburg who directed the political campaign strategies of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and political leaders in over 60 countries. Greenberg is the strategic consultant to the Climate Center of the Natural Resources Defense Council on its multi-year campaign on global warming.

    Warmists accuse Skeptics of being a well funded, well directed group when we all know the opposite is true.

    So lets look at those “multiple references “ on possible “vested” interests of people involved in the Climate Debate.

    So what About Rud Istvan?

    One of his connections is Third Stream Bioscience, Inc. (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) It is working on a waterless sanitizer safe for use on infants. — Great Idea, I hope it makes it to markets and is very successful.

    Another in the medical field is Wireless Patient Monitoring at GMP Companies, Inc.
    “SVP, Director Corporate Strategy Offices, and GM of Future Businesses – Motorola Inc

    Managed corporate strategy offices including strategy, marketing, competitive intelligence, and venture investing. Responsible for starting major new business initiatives as THE corporate intrapreneur, usually also as initial GM of the operation.” So Rud’s specialty is strategy and competitive intelligence….

    Then there is NextGen Solar, Rud Istvan is a Board Member of a solar company dependent on CAGW alarmism. www(DOT)nextgensolar.net/

    Another connection is NanoCarbons LLC Rud Istvan is CEO of NanoCarbons LLC. This is one more connection to CAGW not only through electric cars and wind turbines but possibly ‘smart’ appliance ‘stop-start systems’. Stopping and then starting a whole bunch of water pumps, dryers and other equipment is going to be a major headache for power companies since the current to start motors is a lot higher than the running current. If you are going to use Smart Meters instead of building more reliable electrical generating capacity then you are going to have to deal with variablity

    in the power grid.

    Press Information
    Lenzing Partners with NanoCarbons LLC to Develop New Activated Carbons for Energy Storage Systems

    ….. After extensive research Lenzing constructed a new pilot production facility to take the technology forward.

    The jointly developed carbons should deliver optimal performance in the area of energy storage. It is believed that these new carbons will accelerate the development of the already rapid growth in uses of electrical devices such as double layer capacitors (also known as ultra capacitors or super capacitors). These high performance capacitors are being increasingly used in hybrid vehicles as well as with stop-start systems, uninterruptable power supplies and wind turbine blade orientation.

    “For Lenzing, the development of new, special applications in the technical segment comprises an important extension of the use of our fibers”, says Peter Untersperger, Chief Executive Officer of the Lenzing Group in commenting on the new partnership. “The strongly growing market for energy storage devices is a promising market niche for us. With our TENCEL® fibers we will certainly witness the development of a series of additional, highly interesting technical applications in the coming years.…. http://www.lenzing.com/en/concern/press/info/detail/datum/2013/01/10/lenzing-kooperiert-mit-nanocarbons-llc-bei-der-entwicklung-eines-neuen-aktivierten-carbonpulvers-fue.html

    July 14, 2008| Rayon may aid energy alternatives

    Processing rayon into activated nanocarbon can help America achieve energy independence, a former Motorola executive believes, and he seeks to raise $7 million to build a Chicago-area factory for that purpose.

    “We can achieve the cost and performance goals to make electric cars practical,” said Rud Istvan, who launched NanoCarbons LLC and hopes to have a factory running next year that will produce a specialized form of activated charcoal for ultracapacitor-makers….

    While the supercapacitor market is estimated to be about $400 million annually, a Department of Energy report predicts that, at double the energy density, it could grow into a $20 billion industry….

    HMMMmmm Sounds like a real moneymaker IF CAGW alarmism is supported by governments.

    Then we come to an older affiliation. “Boston Consulting Group, Inc” Rud Istvan was Senior partner and SVP (Senior Vice President?) at Boston Consulting Group, Inc
    The Business of Sustainability – Boston Consulting Group

    A Solution to the Problem of Carbon Emissions – Boston Consulting Group

    And back to electric cars.
    The Comeback of the Electric Car? – Boston Consulting Group

    ….Even the most benevolent government faces the limitations of the system in which it operates. Its members must make long-term political and economic commitments while operating within short-term time frames driven by election cycles or appointment terms. In the case of the power train market, regulatory authorities have made the laudable decision to reduce CO2 emissions and oil consumption. In doing so, they have placed a large burden on automotive stakeholders but have failed to specify who will bear this cost or how. The important next step for regulating authorities is to recognize this added obligation and provide the appropriate incentives to all stakeholders: not only to OEMs to reduce their fleets’ CO2 emissions but also to consumers to buy alternative propulsion systems and to the power industry or third parties to invest in infrastructure.

    So Rud, using “multiple references before passing individual judgements” I come up with the conclusion you have a vested interest in CAGW and you are a professional strategist.

    When the big guns start tossing flack you are over the target. Seems mentioning that Judith Curry is a Trojan Horse whose company has a VESTED INTEREST in WIND TURBINES and thus a VESTED INTEREST in CAGW, has hit a nerve.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Istvan solidifies his position as an Alarmist with his book Gaia’ Limits

      “….Istvan writes that by 2050 the world’s population of 9.2 billion will reach a point of unsustainability from lack of fresh water and landmass to grow enough food. “ link

      Gaia’s Limits
      is available on the net.

      Earth Provides only two fundamental kinds of resources for mankind. One kind is renewed by the Sun’s radiant energy. .. The other kind is not. Unrenewable resources include minerals like uranium for nuclear energy, and fosil fuels…. Malthus was the first to predict that a growing population would eventually become resource constrained….

      Food is renewable, yet becomes a soft global limit around 2050… A ‘soft’ food limit figures to be about 9.2 billionaround 2050… Climate change from burning fossil fuels is certain….

      Population continues to espand rapidly…

      This essay explores the general question in four broad carrying capacity categories: water, food, climate (specifically, the hotly debated issue of global warming), and energy — most specifically, liquid transportation fuels…

      The conclusions offer hope for a sustainable future if mankind adopts relatively mild reforms to present energy and population policies starting about now…. These are simple reforms but not easy.

      He then names Thomas Malthus An Essay on the Principle of Population

      Paul Ehrlich, John Holdern The Population Bomb

      The Club of Rome Limits to Growth.

      Istvan uses United Nations data to support his position.

      I am not going to get into all the rebuttals. (Nuclear power, desalinization, hydroponics….)
      But I will provide a few Links (So what else is new)

      Small farms produce a lot more per acre:
      ” Figure 1 shows the relationship between farm size and total production for ftfteen countries in the Third World. In all cases, relatively smaller farm sizes are much more productive per unit area—200 to 1,000 percent more productive—than are larger ones. “link

      Overpopulation, The Fallacy Behind the Fallacy of Global Warming

      There Is No Shortage of Stuff: Functionally Unlimited Resources Exist

      • Gail Combs says:

        More links from E. M. Smith (trained as an economist)

        Unlimiting Resources – Basalt for a High Tech Stone Age

        DIY Gasoline and Diesel from Wood and Trash

        Some notes on Geopolymer, cement, clay bricks unfired, and DIY

        Recovering desert:

        And one last link from E.M. Smith

        Are the Leaders of the Global Warming Movement Sociopaths?
        “…..it’s a self centered egotistical person who does not learn from their mistakes and does not give a damn about others as they have low / no empathy. They are also, often, very successful as they don’t care who they crush or how as they climb to the top of organizations and can be very skilled social manipulators. (There is a strong excess of sociopaths and sociopathic behaviour at the tops of businesses and especially governments.)….”

        • omanuel says:

          Thank you, Gail, for the information.

          I look forward to Rud’s reply.

        • Gail Combs says:

          No problem Oliver. Like E.M. I like to ‘Dig here’ I am just not nearly as good at it as he is.

          For those who do not regularly visit E.M. Smith’s website, I highly recommend it. He is really good at thinking outside the box.

          The latest:

        • David A says:

          ? And yet I have found many of Rud’s comments both articulate, informed, and highly skeptical of CAGW. Why do you think this is?

        • Gail Combs says:

          David A says: “? And yet I have found many of Rud’s comments both articulate, informed, and highly skeptical of CAGW. Why do you think this is?”

          David I have documented what companies Rud is top brass at. I have quoted from the book he suggest I read.

          Perhaps you do not understand the word STRATEGIST?

          What’s a strategist?

          A strategist uses big-picture thinking, storytelling, insights, criteria development tools and synthesis in the development of agreed-upon end-goals.
          – Randy Deutsch, Design Strategist

          A strategist takes a range of new media techniques and tools and combines them into an integrated approach best suited to the client’s needs.
          – Wil Benton, Digital & Social Strategist

          A strategist analyses complex environments or problems and designs practical pathways and business solutions to achieve organisational objectives.
          – Kaye Glamuzina, Head of Strategy

          A strategist identifies choices, evaluates them and recommends the best course of action to realise the client’s objective.
          – Jake Pearce, Consultant

          A strategist makes decisions based on a future goal, and connects the present to that future-state so that the path is perceived to be achievable by others.
          – Greg Ellis, Coach and Mentor

          Rud (and Judith) are strategists.

          They realize the hit them on the head with a hammer/call them names/ shun them strategy was not working.

          So they are working a new strategy of appearing to meet the maverick skeptics halfway. But make no mistake the GOAL has not changed. Just read Istvan’s book. He makes it very very clear he is in the camp of the Club of Rome/Limits to Growth crowd.

          This is why I call them Trojan Horses. The goal is to get inside the enemy camp and do damage. Witness what happened to Tony Heller less than a year ago.

          How not to calculate temperature Written by: Zeke

          Anthony Watts (Comment #130003)
          June 6th, 2014 at 8:00 am

          I took Goddard to task over this as well in a private email, saying he was very wrong and needed to do better. I also pointed out to him that his initial claim was wronger than wrong….

          In case you didn’t know, “Steve Goddard” is a made up name. Supposedly at Heartland ICCC9 he’s going to “out” himself and start using his real name. That should be interesting to watch, I won’t be anywhere near that moment of his.

          This, combined with his inability to openly admit to and correct mistakes, is why I booted him from WUWT some years ago….

          Zeke did a similar post over at Judith’s that was also full of… shall we say disinformation?

          (My computer kept crashing loading that page so I did not see Zeke was the author at first and thought it was Judith.)


          Also read:
          Are the Leaders of the Global Warming Movement Sociopaths?

          What E. M. does not mention is the more successful sociopaths can be very very charming. They can convince you they are your best friend and then stab you in the back years later. My brother excelled at that which is why he is a multi-millionaire who got away with at least seven murders. His wife, while drunk, let the cat out of the bag bragging at one point. It was the last contact I had with him or his family. It is also why I am a bit sensitive to ‘Trojan Horses’

        • Barbara says:

          As always, thank you, Gail. I learn so much from you.

      • Gail Combs says:

        In looking into Rud and the Boston Consulting Group, I found this PDF. It is a forty page report that gives a very interesting glimpse into the strategies of those implementing ‘Sustainability’ AKA Agenda 21. This is for New York City.

        Mayor’s Office of Operations,
        Long-term Planning and Sustainability Climate Change Adaptation

        The Boston Consulting Group conducted a benchmarking of climate change adaptation practices to support the City of New York launch its Climate Change Adaptation Task Force in August 2008
        (the “Benchmarking Report”)

        The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy. We partner with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses. Our customized approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the client organization. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results. Founded in 1963, BCG is a private company with 66 offices in 38 countries…

        • Early engagement of senior leadership
        • Multi-pronged approach toward agency/company
        • Raise public awareness and knowledge

        Stakeholder engagement is built through a portfolio of tools
        Targeted stakeholder groups and agencies near the beginning of and throughout adaptation

        Provided public and decision-makers with concise and vivid summary materials

        Utilized high-profile conference to deliver an “initial roadmap”; attended by cross-section

        Additional options for stakeholder engagement not yet widely used for adaptation efforts

        Public Relations Events
        Targeted to reporters and editors to increase media awareness of climate change and impacts

        Web-based presentation that many can attend at a low cost

        Town Halls
        Conduct local, community-based meetings to engage citizens

        Strong leadership and proactive communication help to overcome challenges

        Difficulty getting the attention and commitment of political leaders

        Ways that other municipalities have addressed
        Start acting with limited political buy-in, and gradually build momentum

        Belief that climate change action should happen at higher level of government

        Ways that other municipalities have addressed
        Communicate that climate change adaptation needs to be addressed locally because impacts are local

        Climate change scenarios are uncertain and therefore difficult to act on

        Ways that other municipalities have addressed
        Identify specific/quantifiable environmental trends and triggers that an agency can act on

        Research is abstract and too academic for agencies to incorporate into their planning process

        Ways that other municipalities have addressed
        Proactively engage with researchers early in the process to help frame the desired output and target audience

        Budgets are not flexible and cannot incorporate climate change adaptation

        Ways that other municipalities have addressed
        Demonstrate that investing in adaptation now will most likely save money in the future

        Historical trends are utilized for project planning

        Ways that other municipalities have addressed
        • Educate to show how the recent past is not consistent with long-term historic trends
        Emphasize that forecasts are more important

        Difficulty engaging stakeholders

        Ways that other municipalities have addressed
        Emphasize that constituents view this as a pressing concern for their safety and welfare

        Communities unilaterally focused on mitigation and the reduction of greenhouse gasses

        Ways that other municipalities have addressed
        Limiting future damage requires both mitigation and active protection of the community through adaptation

        Adaptation strategies requiring complex long- term planning cannot be implemented

        Ways that other municipalities have addressed
        • Ease of implementation should be a criteria for developing a strategy
        • Stakeholders should have input or be consulted when developing strategies for their area

        OH, and guys, if you want a really great laugh. Read Rud Istvan’s comment at Jo Nova’s

        And then read what his buddies at The Boston Consulting Group
        have to say: http://www.bcg.dk/documents/file164478.pdf“>Digital Infrastructure and Economic Development An Impact Assessment of Facebook’s Data Center in Northern Sweden executive summary – The Boston Consulting Group

        Interesting how the summary skirts around individual privacy issues.

        The presence of Facebook has resulted in several other positive effects, specifically the emergence of a new ecosystem of information and communications technology (ICT) companies, the establishment of regional support organizations, public and private investments in local infrastructure and utilities, a boost in regional publicity, an increase in the number of applications to Luleå Technical University, and the establishment of follow-on data centers nearby.

        Global data-center demand will continue to increase, with more than 60 new large data centers expected in western Europe by 2020. Sweden could compete for these investments and aspire to build a substantial data-center industry.

        “a new ecosystem of information and communications technology (ICT) companies” = DATA MINING COMPANIES.

        • A C Osborn says:

          Wow, when you look in to someone, you really go to town on them.
          Great Stuff.

        • DD More says:

          “I came, I saw, she conquered.”
          The original Latin seems to have been garbled.”
          ? Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

  8. omanuel says:

    @ Gail Combs

    Your warehouse of information is almost incomprehensible. You are worth your weight in gold!

    I specifically admire your grasp of the psychology of sociopaths, insight that you share with E.M. Smith. I know because I was a power-driven sociopaths myself until 1996.

    I was addicted to the illusion of power, perhaps because I was so powerless and frightened for the first four years of life.

    Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith found and reported the only viable solution for such addictions in 1939: A twelve step program that begins with:

    1. We admitted we were powerless . . .

  9. NancyG says:

    Living in the most southern part of NY we didn’t see one 90 degree or over day in 2014. We’ve been running below normal temperatue since January. Is it warming upstate? Because it isn’t on Long Island.

  10. Rud Istvan says:

    Gail, my books speak for themselves, and are extensively referenced. You may not like the conclusions, but then need to deal with the underlying data and the reasoning from that data.
    As for BCG, I left in 1991, a time when they strictly advised corportions on business matters and would not have accepted the New York city assignment. Youncoild have easily checked.
    As for Nanocarbons, my patents based on new experimentally verified insights into the Helmholtz double layer mechanism enable substantial improvement in supercap performance and cost. Even issued in Russia, Korea, Japan. This is important for the military (Oshkosh ProPulse, Navy railguns, field comm, and why Nanocarbons got a near $2 million materials development ONR grant in 2008) and hybrid vehicles. Busses (4 of 5 China manufacturers, Scania, MAN, van Hool…), now some cars like Prius eBrake and eSteer, Mazda eLoop regen braking, Peugeot diesel start/stop. Hybrid vehicles are one way to conserve liquid transportation fuels, which becomes a real pinch point probably starting between 2020 to 2025. Wrote about that all three books, from different perspectives.

    Throwing everything you can find on the internet at the wall to see what sticks is not a becoming research methodology. You missed my 13 issued and several pending US patents. You missed my peer reviewed papers. You missed my BCG Perspectives. You missed the importance of TSB as an alcohol free benign topical antibacterial, antifungal AND antiviral effective against all superbugs, influenza, cruise ship disease (norovirus), and Ebola. Better and cheaper than Clorox bleach, and much more benign. You did not miss the fact that I share Judith Curry’s perspectives on climate change, having research the matter independently since 2011. Very proud to have her Foreward to Blowing Smoke: essays on energy and climate. I again commend it to you. There is much you would like in the climate section, including an essay on changing temperature data that references Heller stuff and more. And you would find much food for thought in the energy section, which counters some of the nonsense that one sees in the MSM and around the internet, or in policies like California renewables, or in government mistakes like Monterey shale TRR or Bazhenov shale potential.
    In any event, have a nice day.

    • omanuel says:

      It is not my job to judge anyone else’s commitment to science, but I would like to know how you personally resolved falsehoods introduced in the foundations of the Standard Solar and Nuclear Modelsat the end of WWII?

      1. The internal composition of the Sun was changed from mostly iron (Fe) in 1945 to mostly hydrogen (H) in 1946;

      2. Nuclear stability was changed from minimum values of Aston’s nuclear packing fraction before WWII to maximum values of Weizsacker’s nuclear binding energy per nucleon after WWII.

      Since both changes were FALSIFIED by precise experimental measurements [1], how could you still believe current climate models represent reality?

      “Teacher’s Supplement to Solar Energy” https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10640850/Supplement.pdf

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