Global Sea Ice Area Is Approaching A Record High For The Date

Leading experts like Walt Meier say that sea ice on Earth is disappearing, when in fact it is nearing a record high for the date. Perhaps they lack access to the Internet?

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12 Responses to Global Sea Ice Area Is Approaching A Record High For The Date

  1. Fred Wlech says:

    You have to admit the progressives caught the global warming mime just in time, if the weather didn,t catch up with them they just may have convinced the 97 percent.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Why the heck do you think they were pinning their hopes on Nopenhagen? Why do you think the Whistleblower released the Climategate e-mails. A forty year run (Half an 88 year Gliessberg Solar Cycle was the longest run they could reasonably count on and they darn well knew it. That is why Maurice Strong started the Global Warming propaganda in 1972 at the first Earth Summit while the temperature was at the bottom of the cooling cycle.

      Now they are scrambling to keep the scam going while the weather is still near the warm peak. They really do not have much more time. Dr Evans, Jo Nova’s husband, with his Notch-Delay Solar Theory is predicting a fall in temperature starting in 2015 or more likely 2016 because the delay is tied to the solar cycle length, currently 13 years. Dr. Evans is only one of a number of scientists saying we are in for cooling. link

      Obama and his buddies have run out of time and they know it which is why Obama is bypassing Congress to ram through the UNs plans to “de-develop’ the USA via the EPA.

      • Jbird says:

        Precisely. There are some in the Obama alarmist camp who are completely aware of just what you are saying, but I suspect that the vast majority on the left are sincere believers and therefore ignorant fools. As such they fulfill the role of “useful idiots.”

  2. wayne says:

    Look at that. Placed a minimum right around 2005 as expected.

  3. Let us see an 5 year centered moving average of this data -.Might provoke interesting thoughts.

  4. Password protected says:

    Perhaps they lack open minds?

  5. IceKat says:

    The more sea ice there is, the less reason to make ships’ bubbles smaller…

  6. MrX says:

    Pretty sure it’s not the Internet they’re lacking. Integrity is what’s scarce.

  7. Andy DC says:

    Who are the deniers now?

  8. markstoval says:

    “Perhaps they lack access to the Internet?”

    No, no. They have fine internet access. After all you and I pay for it for them. What you fail to understand is that they are talking about a different planet earth than you or I. We look at the real planet Earth and they look at the one the exists only in climate models. (computer games)

    Much like the world of “Angry Birds” is not exactly like Earth, so too is their world different from reality.

    Either than or they just lie a lot.

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