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US Temperatures Show No Correlation With CO2

Before data tampering by NCDC, US temperatures show essentially zero correlation with atmospheric CO2. Climate sensitivity of zero.

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No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition

Now that the Pope has demanded allegiance to the global warming scam, can we expect official church persecution of climate heretics?

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New Years Resolutions For Climate Scientists

1. Stop lying about sea ice. The amount of sea ice on Earth is near a record high. iphone.anomaly.global.png (512×412) 2. Stop lying about global warming. There hasn’t been any significant troposphere warming for 18 years. Wood for Trees: Interactive … Continue reading

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Antarctic Sea Ice Same As 40 Years Ago

According to climate experts, Antarctic sea ice has climbed to record highs due to global warming. They also pretend that the satellite record began in 1979. But the 1990 IPCC report had satellite data back to 1973, showing  a sharp … Continue reading

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