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The Only Problem Is, There Isn’t Any Missing Ice …..

Experts blame all kinds of things on missing Arctic sea ice. These are wonderful theories, tainted only by the fact that they are complete crap, and that there isn’t any missing ice. N_daily_extent.png (420×500)

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How Gavin Hides Data Tampering With A Baseline Shift

2014 version 1999 version If we overlay the two graphs normalized to 0 anomaly (with 1999 in blue) they appear to be fairly similar.  But Gavin did a trick. He cooled the baseline temperatures, so that half of the tampering is … Continue reading

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USHCN Replacing Rural Temperatures With Urban Ones

Earlier I showed that all NCDC US warming is due to fabricated temperatures. Now lets look at the stations which were missing data in 2013. Almost all of them are rural stations, which means that they are filling in missing rural … Continue reading

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State Of The Climate Report

Our most accurate global temperatures are from satellites, and they show little or no warming. Temperatures are far below climate model forecasts Climate Analysis | Remote Sensing Systems Arctic sea ice extent is at a 10 year high. COI | Centre for … Continue reading

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100% Of US Warming Since 1990, Is Due To Fake Temperatures

USHCN has 1,218 stations in their database. Prior to 1990, they typically recorded temperatures at about 97% of these stations. But for some reason, USHCN has been reporting monthly temperatures at a smaller and smaller percentage of stations since 1990, and now … Continue reading

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