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It Is So Hard To Maintain A Fake Narrative These Days

The criminals who run the press corpse and government are having a tough time with their propaganda these days. No one believes their fake Ferguson narrative, their fake global warming narrative, their fake Obama narrative, and now their fake UVA … Continue reading

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Body Cameras For Politicians

Barack Obama wants police to wear body cameras to increase community trust. Rush has a better idea – make politicians wear body cameras to improve community trust. Obama would probably be living in an orange jump suit on the tip … Continue reading

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Obama didn’t have time to take care of veterans or the staff at Benghazi, but he has 1,000’s or workers ready to issue illegal work permits to illegal aliens.

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Climate Genius #2 For The Day

It is always fascinating conversing about climate

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What If This Happened Now?

During December of 1953, the US was pounded by several deadly tornadoes. If this happened now, President Obama and the UN conference would demand an immediate UN takeover of the global energy supply. 08 Dec 1953 – City Pounded By … Continue reading

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Nobel Laureate Is Astonished By The Ice-Free Arctic

Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014 It was actually Gore’s credibility that melted away in 2014.

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Climate Genius Of The Day

You really can’t make this stuff up. https://twitter.com/cstone7200/status/540763246966603776

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Jan 3, 1935 – Roses Blooming In The UK

I blame your SUV for this horrific global warming at 310 PPM CO2. 04 Jan 1935 – WINTER HEAT WAVE IN BRITAIN (Special to “The Min…

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A Panel Of Outside Experts

After the Challenger disaster, Congress showed the wisdom to assemble a panel of experts from other professions. It was obvious that NASA was corrupt and that Congress wasn’t going to get a straight answer from them. NASA is similarly corrupt about climate science, … Continue reading

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Wildly Corrupt Government Climate Science

It has been obvious since about April that government agencies had been instructed to make 2014 the hottest year ever. But this headline in the Washington Post summed up the fraud in spectacular fashion. Fall snow cover in Northern Hemisphere was most … Continue reading

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