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35 Years Of Unprecedented Mann-Made Melting Has Left Sea Ice Normal At Both Poles

Experts say that very complex and divergent Mann-made destructive processes, have caused the ice to be almost exactly normal at both poles. Further unprecedented human interference may well cause increased normalcy.

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Experts Say That Record Heat Causes Record Ice

It is one of the greatest puzzles in the science of climate change, and has been used by skeptics to cast doubt on global warming: Why, when the world is getting hotter, is the Antarctic getting colder? Now, a scientist … Continue reading

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Settled Science Update

President Obama says you are a flat earther and need to¬†be silenced, if you don’t believe Al Gore’s prediction of an ice-free Arctic on December 10, 2014. The science is settled, and 97% of scientists agree with Nobel Laureate Gore. … Continue reading

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Almost 10 Years Since George W Bush Caused Hurricane Katrina

The record low number of US hurricanes and tornadoes under Barack Obama, is the direct result of him blocking Keystone.

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