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The 0.01 Degree Shell Game

Gavin and the clowns at NCDC juggled fake temperatures to get a world record temperature by 0.01 degrees – ahead of the fake Lima climate talks. But regardless of their fake temperatures, it is all a distraction from the fact … Continue reading

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TOBS Isn’t An Excuse

There are 318 US HCN stations which recorded their min/max readings during morning or night on July 15, 1936. These stations should have an artificial warming bias, because of TOBS double counting of low temperatures in the 1930’s. Like the … Continue reading

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The War on Coal Is Really A War On Americans

Obama’s war on coal has no impact on skyrocketing global coal usage. Its only purpose is to hurt Americans fuels_co2_emissions.jpg (940×709)

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NCDC Climate Extremes Index Is Inverted From Reality

Almost all of the climate claims from NCDC are fraudulent, but none more than the Climate Extremes Index – which shows the exact opposite of the actual trend. 

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Atlantic City Sea Level Rise Rate Below Average Since 1992

Since 1992, the tide gauge at Atlantic City shows 3.3 mm/year sea level rise, while satellites show 2.1 mm/year. This indicates that the land is subsiding more than 1mm/year. Both are down from the century average of 4.1 mm/year Data … Continue reading

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Spectacular Cheating On The NOAA Report Card

NOAA has reached new levels of fraud in their 2014 Arctic report card, with nearly every single talking point the exact opposite of reality. What’s new in 2014? Rising air and sea temperatures continue to trigger changes in the Arctic. The … Continue reading

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Urging President Obama To Go Big

President Obama committed China to a doubling of CO2 emissions, while agreeing to throttle the US economy with a 20% reduction. But why not go big like North Korea, which has already achieved an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions?  http://cdiac.ornl.gov/trends/emis/kor.html

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