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Something Is Very Rotten In Denmark

I’ve been suspicious about sea surface temperatures since the bizarro Unisys incident a few weeks ago, when they suddenly replaced cold North Atlantic temperatures with warm ones, based on a completely incoherent explanation. The claims of record 2014 heat are … Continue reading

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You can’t stop these guys. Neymar’s strike was as good as Aaron Ramsey’s yesterday.

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Heidi Cullen Demonstrates How To Defraud Journalists

Warmer and wetter: Maps reveal how global warming could lead to warmers and wetter temperatures across America Maps were created to show how temperatures has changed since 1970 in all US regions Since 1970, the average winter temperature in the … Continue reading

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Governments Hope To Slow Non-Existent Warming

How energy reforms will make it easier to slow global warming December 10 at 8:00 AM This month marks the opening of a year-long marathon of meetings focused on slowing global warming.  The starting gun sounded with the summit that … Continue reading

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Hacker – Busted

I figured out who has been messing with my computer while I was gone. He weighs 16 pounds and looks a lot like Dorothy’s companion. Apparently likes to walk on the keyboard.

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Obama’s CO2 Games Are A Joke

The US generates 13% of global CO2. If we reduced emissions by 20%, that would cut us down to about 10% of current global emissions. However, Obama agreed to let China increase their emissions for the next 16 years. At China’s  current … Continue reading

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How Gavin Doubled Northern Hemisphere Surface Warming

Gavin shows 1.5C Northern Hemisphere surface temperature warming, which he accomplished using a couple of tricks. Yesterday I showed how he shifted the baseline and cooled the past for pre-1969 temperatures, which gave him an extra 0.3C of imaginary warming. This … Continue reading

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It Is Just A Coincidence

It is just a coincidence that Feinstein decided to release her CIA assault on the day that Gruber testified. “We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.” ― Winston S. … Continue reading

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New York Times – Wearing Their Blue Dress For Over A Decade

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