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China’s CO2 Emissions To Double By 2030

President Obama made an illegal “historic deal” which allows China to increase their CO2 emissions until 2030. At that time, their CO2 emissions will be double their current value, and more than five times higher than the US.  2013 Global Carbon … Continue reading

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BBC Changes Their Story, Slightly

Jonathon Amos at the BBC is telling a slightly different story  than he did seven years ago

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This Couldn’t Happen In Wyoming

An armed gunman has taken up to 13 people hostage inside a chocolate shop in Sydney while forcing two people to hold what appears to be a black flag with white Arabic writing on it, Sky News Australia reports. Australian … Continue reading

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How Many Cheats Can Gavin Pack Into One Map?

Fine work by Gavin again this month. Created a huge fake area of 2-11C anomaly in the Arctic ocean Turned Greenland hot with almost no data Eliminated a large region of -4 to -5C in Canada and the Midwest. Extrapolated … Continue reading

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