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“Now Gore’s Failure Is Complete”


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They Are So Sad

Climate experts invented the term “warming hiatus.” A few months later they decided that wasn’t a good idea politically, so now they pretend it doesn’t exist. Any “good news” like normal Arctic sea ice or the warming hiatus is considered … Continue reading

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How To Think Like A Progressive

Progressives are showing their true colors this week. They want to protect the rights of terrorists, and they see productive Americans who generate CO2 as the real threat. It took generations of brainwashing to produce this level of insanity, and we … Continue reading

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Tacloban Was Destroyed By Typhoons In Both 1897 And 1912

TimesMachine: November 29, 1912 – NYTimes.com 1912 reports on Tacloban storm ‘killing’ 15,000 resurface | Headlines, News, The Philippine Star | philstar.com THOUSANDS OF LIVES LOST. – Many Vessels Wrecked and Property Worth Millions Destroyed in Typhoon-Swept Philippines. – View … Continue reading

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Government Scientists Diligently Ignoring UHI

Fifty years ago, scientists knew that UHI causes more than four degrees warming in the Washington DC area. That effect is much worse now, some days close to 10 degrees. NCDC and NASA diligently attempt to ignore this phenomenon, and … Continue reading

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The Al Gore Ice Free Arctic Has Arrived!

On December 10, 2007 Nobel Prize winner Albert Arnold “Al” Gore solemnly forecast an ice-free Arctic “seven years from now…..our world is spinning out of kilter” The forecast date has arrived, and Gaia celebrated the event with a record gain … Continue reading

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Global Warming Is A Hoax

NOAA radiosonde data shows that global warming is nonsense. Temperatures took a dip in the 1970’s, and then returned to their earlier levels. This is identical to what NASA US temperatures showed, before they started tampering with the data. It … Continue reading

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This Is What UHI Looks Like

Since the late 1980’s, surface temperatures have risen much faster radiosonde temperatures. In fact, radiosonde temperatures are about the same as they were 25 years ago. This is the opposite of what global warming theory predicts, and likely indicates UHI … Continue reading

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