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Retreat Of Glaciers In 1939 Revealed Medieval Gold Mines

Yet another smoking gun that Michael Mann’s hockey stick is junk science, and opposite of reality. 20 Oct 1939 – LOST MINES REVEALED. EFFECT OF GLACIERS’ RETREAT…

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“Remarkable Shrinkage” Of Glaciers During Gavin’s Coldest Years Ever

According to our top NASA climate experts, the first decade of the last century had plunging temperatures, down to the coldest on record. Sadly for the experts who make these graphs, the glacial record says “remarkable shrinkages” were occurring during … Continue reading

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One Week Since Farrakhan Called For Black People To Murder Police

The White House is focused on targeting conservatives, freeing terrorists, and making friends with communist dictators. They don’t have time to worry about things like this.

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Rewriting The Past At The IPCC

In the 1990 IPCC report, they showed little warming since 1900. In the 1995 IPCC report, they showed no troposphere warming from 1958 onward. Now they show the world heating out of control since the start of the 20th century. “He … Continue reading

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45 Years Since All Scientists Agreed That Mankind Was Doomed By The Year 2000


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Understanding The Unprecedented Warming Of The 20th Century

According to fake temperatures from NASA, the Earth has warmed an unprecedented 0.7C this past century, shown in green below. Actual scientists would describe this as noise, but that isn’t who we are dealing with.

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Gavin’s Nature Trick

In order to get closer to zero emissions Scenario C, Gavin had to alter the baseline a couple of years ago. At the Senate hearings in 1988, James Hansen described the top line Scenario A as “Business as Usual” and Scenario … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Continues At A Decadal High

Nobel laureate Al Gore predicted that the Arctic would be ice-free on December 10, 2014, but that doesn’t appear to have occurred, Arctic sea ice extent has been at or near a decadal high every day for the past two … Continue reading

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Global Sea Ice Area Is Approaching A Record High For The Date

Leading experts like Walt Meier say that sea ice on Earth is disappearing, when in fact it is nearing a record high for the date. Perhaps they lack access to the Internet?  arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/timeseries.global.anom.1979-2008

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If You Can’t Beat Em, Join Em

We should give progressives everything they want for a month. Turn off all fossil fuels and products made using fossil fuels, and tell the police that they can’t have any interactions with black males – for one month. There won’t … Continue reading

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