Arctic Gives The Finger To Nobel Laureate

We are just one week away from the Al Gore Nobel Prize winning ice-free Arctic forecast, and Arctic sea ice extent is at a record high for the past decade, and rising at record pace.

ScreenHunter_4874 Dec. 03 04.37COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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15 Responses to Arctic Gives The Finger To Nobel Laureate

  1. Mike says:

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    Is anyone ever accountable?

  2. Climatism says:

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  3. emsnews says:

    Al Gore was last seen feeding the polar bears which is why it is so much colder up in Hudson Bay. 🙂

  4. Brad says:

    What is the difference between DMI and Cyrosphere? I’m sure it’s been explained before.

  5. KTM says:

    Obama stammers out scientific jargon and the crowd cheers.

    Perhaps a real Nobel prize to accompany his Peace Prize is in the offing. As the Scientist-In-Chief of the US, they could simply award it based on the hopes of what he may accomplish scientifically in the future.

  6. Centinel2012 says:

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    I have saved up a series of Climate posts to re-post and they are all good and should be read. I will be putting this same message in all of them to save time.

  7. BallBounces says:

    I really meant by the end of 2014. I’m claiming another four weeks — Al.

  8. ripatheism says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE TITLE – way to go!!!! I shared the hell out of this one..

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