NOAA And NASA Data Alterations Are Global

I’ve shown how NASA and NOAA have dramatically altered the US temperature record, and they are doing the same thing in other countries, like Iceland and Australia – almost always cooling the past, which creates the appearance of warming.





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25 Responses to NOAA And NASA Data Alterations Are Global

  1. Jeffk says:

    Just like the scribes of ancient Egypt. They had special translation powers and abused it, too.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    “”According to Dr Helen McGregor, a Research Fellow at the Australian National University and a member of the research team, the study shows that corals may be more adaptable to climate change than was previously thought.”

    And since there is no global warming, what would coral need to adapt to? Nothing.

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    Three words destroyed the Global Warming Scam.
    They were used by a crook called Phil Jones in an email to a colleague:

    • Donna K. Becker says:

      I’ve watched this video many times and have shared it with a few friends. All but one found it hilarious!

  4. phjefferies8 says:

    Exactly what were they hoping to accomplish with these falsehoods. The Earth is already cooling, so what was cooling the Earth further going to accomplish. A mini-ice age isn’t enough??

    • cedarstrip says:

      This is going to sound conspiratorial, but I guess that’s where the evidence points. The initial warnings about global warming may have been sincere concern, but at some point it became a political tool for achieving a long standing objective of Progressive philosophy — the social control of industry and finance. As stated by John Dewey in 1935, “Organized social planning, put into effect for the creation of an order in which industry and finance are socially directed in behalf of institutions that provide the material basis for the cultural liberation and growth of individuals, is now the sole method of social action by which liberalism can realize its professed aims.” What could provide a more compelling reason for such control than “proof” that industry is destroying the planet? The EPA is the obvious entity of choice to implement the control of industry.

      There is obviously much more to the story, but that is the basis. The objective is not to cool the planet, but to establish government control over a broad range of activities, and provide a rationale for global wealth redistribution.

      • stpaulchuck says:

        refer to Agenda 21

      • Right, just as the initial concerns about Global Cooling may have initially been a sincere concern, sincerely. Other folks take the ball and use it to spread FEAR.. blame humans for all this destruction.

        I believe in Conservation, but this Global Warming thing is unrestrained madness… over at Huff Po there is a weekly barrage of FEAR.. Apocalyptic predictions… pushing for all of us to change our lifestyle and put CONTROL into the hands of a few high minded Progressives..

  5. Infopractical says:

    I am skeptical of science and scientists, and try to make my own judgments of this kind of issue. Can you help me by supplying sources for the information behind these graphs. My apologies if this is something you’ve done and I missed. I have only just now found this blog and read a few posts.

    • stpaulchuck says:

      welcome! tighten your seat belt. This site provides a metaphysically bumpy ride as you get to learn actual facts versus ballyhooed “facts” from the LSM and the rent seeking PhD’s.

  6. Eric Simpson says:

    A comment by ChesireRed in the Telegraph article that Drudge linked to:

    Steve Goddard deserves great credit for his tireless work exposing this repeated and deliberate fraud – but why is this article reduced to a mere sub-heading? It should be screaming from the front page of the website and tomorrows paper.

    Consider the evidence; OFFICIAL climate / government bodies are deliberately FIDDLING and MANIPULATING the data!

    Not by accident, by design.

    This data is the foundation for $multi-billion government polices across the planet. It is FRAUD, plain and simple, and it goes to the very top of governments – not just in America, but across the world.

  7. Streetcred says:

    They’ve been tampering with other stations in Australia as well:
    Corrupting Australia’s Temperature Record

    The most extreme example that Ken found of data corruption was at Amberley, near Brisbane, Queensland, where a cooling minima trend was effectively reversed

    Jennifer has a conversation on Twitter with Schmidt … they justify their adjustments citing ““near Amberley Aero” (Amberley is on the outskirts of Brisbane) and includes Bourke, Hamilton Island, Marion Reef and Longreach!””

    Amberley is an airforce base about 80km from Brisbane outside the City of Ipswich … the other places mentioned are not even within a 1,000km of Brisbane !!!

  8. edmh says:

    After some 10,000 years our Happy Holocene Epoch is fading.
    The last millennium 1000-2000 AD was the coldest of the Holocene yet. This can be seen in the GISP and other ice core data. Our most recent millennium was almost 3°C less than at the peak of the Holocene “climate optimum”.
    Looking at more recent records, the UKMO Central England Temperature record has already lost almost 1°C this century, i.e. since the year 2000.
    With diminished solar output in cycle 24 and as presaged for cycle 25, significant cooling is certainly as likely or rather more likely outcome than Catastrophic Man-made warming for the foreseeable future.
    But even according to IPCC published data this level of warming could never be reached by adding man-made CO2 to the atmosphere.The IPCC confirms that the warming effectiveness of CO2 is diminishing with increasing concentration. So between the current 400ppmv and 1000ppmv there remains only ~13% of the effectiveness of CO2 as a greenhouse gas.
    Richard Tol has assessed that up to +2°C is universally beneficial.
    There are things with the climate we really should be afraid of and +2 °C warming is not one of them.
    Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming advocates fail to explain how reduction of man-made atmospheric CO2 can ever help to control Climate Change towards a cooling world.
    Nonetheless they continue to press decarbonisation policies as the solution to “Climate Change”.
    In reality any added atmospheric CO2 is just essential and increasingly useful food for plants. If the world warms, it could well survive having additional areas available for viable, well fertilised, agriculture.
    But its getting colder !!!

  9. John Goetz says:

    I wrote about this phenomenon on Climate Audit back in 2008:

    This is an artifact of the algorithm GISS uses to estimate temperatures for months that are missing in the record. There are a large number of holes in the record, making it look like Swiss cheese. When GISS encounters a month where the temperature is missing for a station, the algorithm kicks in to fill the hole with an estimate.

    The algorithm is run anew every month when GISStemp is produced, so it is possible for the estimates to change every month. Because the estimate supports the trend, over time it will force old temperatures cooler and keep recent temperatures warmer.

    At one point back in 2008 I used the Wayback Machine to get older versions of the GISS GLB.TS to see how the temperatures changed from 1998 to 2008. When 1998 was done it was raised as the hottest year on record – the anomaly was 0.65 degrees. In 2008 after I published the article, the 1998 anomaly was 0.57 degrees and 2005 was the warmest at 0.62 degrees. As of this afternoon, 1998 is 0.61 degrees.

  10. Eric Zipp says:

    What!? It is just a little trick to “hide the decline” as the esteemed Michel Mann would say.

  11. So those three sites support your thesis. What do th eother sires show?

  12. Ned says:

    Winter is coming….

  13. John Goetz says:

    What appears to be a single temperature record for a station is, in many cases, a combination of multiple records. In the past, Steve McIntyre referred to these as scribal records. GISS combines scribal records for a single station into one, longer record. To do this, they use something Hansen called the bias method. A part of the bias method uses the estimation algorithm I mentioned in my previous comment. As a result, additional estimates are woven into the data before global temperatures are calculated. The net is, there is a lot of estimation going on to give us the hundredth of a degree battle between hottest year on record.

    I wrote about the bias method and estimation in this post on WUWT five years ago. Note the graph I posted at the end that showed the bias method tended to cool older records.

  14. Rosco says:

    Gotta love the Alice Springs data.

    Alice Springs has almost zero humidity almost all the time hence no “greenhouse effect” almost all the time.

    It was damn hot there in the December 1976 summer when I worked there for several months and it is damn cold on a winter’s night.

    First place I’d ever seen with an air conditioner and a heater mounted on the walls of the accommodation where I lived – hardly ever needed either in Brisbane where I originally came from.

  15. Jack Jackson says:

    What is the reason the scientists are giving for this?

  16. Gene Eggleston says:

    How far are your claims from the truth? it is as if there were 10,000 points of data and you selected three and then misinterpreted those three. That is how stupid your assumptions are.

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