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Tampering With Long Term Climate History

I normally focus on NASA and NOAA altering the temperature record of the past 150 years, but once in a while it is a good idea to remember that the same alteration is being committed with the long term temperature record too. … Continue reading

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How Many Mistakes Can The Referees Make In The Last 30 Seconds Of A Match?

If I was from Ecuador, I would be really pissed off.

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Overwhelming Majority Of Scientists Who Make Their Living Off Global Warming Research – Prefer To Keep Their Funding

“I’m not a scientist either,” Mr. Obama told this young audience, “but we’ve got some good ones at NASA. I do know the overwhelming majority of scientists who work on climate change, including some who once disputed the data, have … Continue reading

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USHCN Data Tampering Since 1998 – Worse Than It Seems

In my previous post, I showed how NASA has altered pre-1999 US temperatures relative to their previously published data. The next graph shows their current adjustments since 1998, calculated across all stations with no missing data since 1990. Their post 1998 … Continue reading

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NASA Hiding The Decline In US Temperatures Through Data Tampering

In 1999, NASA reported the US was in a 70 year cooling trend. Whither U.S. Climate? By James Hansen, Reto Ruedy, Jay Glascoe and Makiko Sato — August 1999 Empirical evidence does not lend much support to the notion that climate … Continue reading

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Before Mikey Erased The MWP, English Wine Threatened French Vineyards

TimesMachine: July 18, 1976 – NYTimes.com

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President Takes Climate Dishonesty To A New Level

Obama Compares Skepticism Towards Climate Change To Believing Moon Made Of Cheese Obama Uses Commencement Speech To Talk About Climate Change | The Daily Caller The only scientist to ever walk on the moon is a prominent climate skeptic. Harrison Schmitt probably … Continue reading

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1974 – Climatologists Reported 1C Global Cooling

Forty years ago, climatologists reported 1ºC global cooling, and warned that cooling was going to make erratic weather and starve us to death TimesMachine: December 29, 1974 – NYTimes.com The reported cooling has since been erased by government scientists, who … Continue reading

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Obama Says Snowpack Is Declining

Obama, who cited fires in Western states, smaller snow packs in mountainous tourist areas, and flooding streets in cities like Miami to make his case about the fallout from climate change. Obama Uses Commencement Speech To Talk About Climate Change … Continue reading

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Excerpts From The 1983 Climate Report

Rapid climate change to begin any century now. EXCERPTS FROM THE CLIMATE REPORT Published: October 21, 1983 Rapid climate change will take its place among the numerous other changes that will influence the course of society we are deeply concerned … Continue reading

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