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Obama Vs. Amdahl’s Law

Amdahl’s Law basically says that you can only improve a system by the fraction of the system you are improving. If you have a section of code which uses up 10% of time of execution of the whole program, the best … Continue reading

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Nonsense From Both Sides Of The Debate

After posting my 40% manufactured data graph the other day, a skeptic sent me this E-mail. This claim: “More than 40% of USHCN final station data is now generated from stations which have no thermometer data.” Is utterly bogus. This kind of … Continue reading

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A Really Good Politician

I was listening to C-Span radio yesterday morning driving to work, and heard something remarkable – an intelligent, articulate, honest politician. Representative Chris Smith R-NJ was discussing China, and the mind-boggling human rights abuses that go on there. It is … Continue reading

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Temperature Vs. Temperature Anomaly

A few mathematically illiterate people believe that somehow the use of anomalies would make NCDC data tampering go away. Below are the anomaly and absolute temperature graphs. As you can see, it makes absolutely no difference. All that the use of anomalies does … Continue reading

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Useful Idiot

My code is posted online (the ultimate documentation)  and only a mathematical idiot would believe that this has anything to do with the use of anomalies or non-anomalies. Subtracting a constant from a linear equation (Ax + B) has no … Continue reading

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My Theory About Obama’s Terrorist Release

Obama is always looking for ways to further weaken the other branches of government, so he seeks out sympathetic causes which he can use as an excuse to break the law. He got very sloppy this time, and didn’t realize that this … Continue reading

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A Change Of Tampering Strategy At USHCN

In order to meet the challenge of  a  cooling climate, USHCN has had to change their data tampering strategy. In USHCN V1, TOBS ranged from -0.1F up to 0.3F, and went flat after 1990. ts.ushcn_anom25_diffs_pg.gif (650×502) The US has been cooling, … Continue reading

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