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Police Normally Focused On The Wrong Thing

Police are generally focused on ticketing generally harmless speeders, while completely ignoring dangerous driving like tailgating and weaving through traffic.  Last week I had a semi driving no more than 10 feet behind me on a freeway. I saw about five cars … Continue reading

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Global Warming Washing Away Dead Bodies In The Marshall Islands

The Guardian says that rising sea levels due to global warming are washing away bodies in the Marshall Islands. Rising seas wash Japanese war dead from Marshall Islands graves | World news | theguardian.com Sea level in the Marshall Islands … Continue reading

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Real Heroes

The current Republican leadership would rather accept dictatorship than suffer through an unpleasant discussion with Barack Obama.

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The Purpose Of Gun Control

The purpose of gun control is to make sure that only government and other gang members are able to defend themselves.

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Frame Of Reference

Yesterday I was walking my dogs on two long leashes, and got very annoyed by a bicyclist. Today I was riding my bicycle and got very annoyed by someone walking their two dogs on long leashes.

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Whatever Happened To Albedo Feedback?

Hansen use to constantly lecture us that disappearing sea ice was going to amplify global warming and destroy the planet. Only problem is that polar sea ice area has been above normal for nearly 18 months. NOAA says that April … Continue reading

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Down The Rabbit Hole

In the world of left wing journalism, politics is science and science is politics Republicans, for whom the science of climate change has been swept aside by the cause’s identification with big government and expanding regulation, hate the EPA rule. … Continue reading

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Trained To Self-Destruct

Commuting on Maryland freeways I normally put the car on cruise control right at the speed limit, and stay about 150 yards behind the car in front of me. There is no point speeding because you will get pulled over and you … Continue reading

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NOAA Is Losing Colder Station Data

The FILNET adjustment is much worse than it seems. USHCN is losing station data a phenomenal rate since 1990, and they are filling in the missing data with temperatures higher than the station data which is not missing. The rationale … Continue reading

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Climate Change Is Already Happening At The Bottom Of The Sea

President Obama says that “climate change is already happening.” Experts say that the only change in energy balance they can detect in recent years is an undetectable increase in deep ocean temperatures. So we can presume that Barack Obama believes … Continue reading

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