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Go Evra!

Evra gets the ball wide open in the middle of the pitch with three white shirts in front of him (including Benzema) and 10 yards to the nearest red shirt, and then kicks it out of bounds. ROFL

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Forty years ago, there was a lot going on. Nixon resigned. I took my first computer programming class at ASU that year. It was the peak year of the global cooling scare, which Time Magazine was pushing during Arizona’s worst … Continue reading

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The 97% Is Really 100%

Every scientist understands that humans influence the climate. Cities are well known to be much warmer than surrounding countryside. Chopping down forests changes the climate. Greenhouse gases obviously influence the climate. The most common greenhouse gas is water vapor, and … Continue reading

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Ninety Seven Percent

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My Response To The EPA Hearings This Week

In one corner, we had very organized and well scripted Democrats pushing mindless dishonest global warming propaganda. On the other side (with a few exceptions) we had clueless, disarmed Republicans mumbling incoherently against the EPA regulations. The Democrats had numerous present … Continue reading

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For Gerrard, It Was Just Another Assist To Suarez

Gerrard and Suarez weren’t enough to capture the EPL, but Gerrard’s brilliant pass to Suarez was adequate to knock out England in just five days.

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Don’t Be A Conspiracy Theorist!

I was listening to C-Span radio this morning, and there was a Democratic Congressman from New York complaining that the Iraq intelligence they were shown by the White House in 2002 was “all a big lie” These are the same … Continue reading

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