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The Trenberth Hot Spot

After Sandy hit, Trenberth announced that global warming had caused the water to warm off the coast of New Jersey, forming a small warm spot in the midst of very cold water.

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President Announces That He Saved The Planet

President Obama pulls off one of his biggest lies of the week. The US almost eliminated carbon pollution (soot) from power plants about 40 years ago, when we they were forced to use electrostatic precipitators.  His CO2 regs will accomplish … Continue reading

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Precision With No Accuracy

The temperature record is calculated with a precision several orders of larger than its accuracy. Then they pat themselves on the back, and think they are being really smart.

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Another Disaster In Store For Reggie

Last summer’s record Arctic cold (red below) was tough on Reggie, and it looks like we are doing a repeat in 2014 (blue below)  Arctic temperatures dropped below normal about a month ago, and have stayed there ever since. COI … Continue reading

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USHCN Temperature Adjustments Are Not Credible

About 40% of the reported USHCN station data is now fabricated from no raw data at that station. Zeke says that USHCN temperature fabrications of 40% of the data are golden, and my method of averaging the actual measured data is incorrect. Let’s put that … Continue reading

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Illinois Manufactured Temperatures Warming At 23 Degrees Per Century

Since 1998, Illinois fabricated and non-fabricated adjusted temperatures have been diverging at a rate of 23 degrees per century. Zeke Hausfather says that all of this disappears when you use anomalies and gridding, and that I am really stupid. The … Continue reading

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