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75 Years Later, Toto Finds The Wizard Again

Nice job, Josh and Toto.

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I used to work for a microprocessor design team located in Costa Rica.  What a brilliant finish! I can just imagine the party going on there.

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Costa Rica Could Use Some Quick Advice From Lance Armstrong

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WTF Is Costa Rica Doing?

They are down a man, and letting Greece outnumber them 2:1 inside the penalty area. Very dumb coaching.

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The Scumbags Are Out In Force

There is a large effort underway to discredit a straw man Steve Goddard, created by a combination of lies and general reading comprehension problems. None of them have the guts or integrity to debate me, because they know they will get their asses kicked.

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From The “You Can’t Make Up Stupid Like This Department”

Antarctica just set their all-time record for June 27 sea ice, and the highest anomaly ever recorded.  The Independent responds with this : Over half of emperor penguins will be ‘wiped out by end of the century’ due to melting … Continue reading

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A Graphical View Of Anomalies And Infilling

The use of anomalies and infilling cleans up the temperature record, as shown below.

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The Big Appell Goes Underwater, Just As Hansen Predicted

David Appell says that area is now measured by volume. Twitter / davidappell: @VariabilityBlog Yet another …

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June 27 Global Sea Ice Area Fourth Highest On Record – Highest Since 1996

Nobel Laureate Albert Arnold Gore Jr. said there was a 75% chance the Arctic would be ice free this summer, but in fact we have seen quite the opposite. The amount of sea ice on Earth is 4th highest on … Continue reading

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Fear And Loathing In The Obama Banana Republic

Every skeptic and potential investor I talk to is afraid of being targeted by the IRS or the DOJ, because everyone believes that the White House is using these agencies (successfully) to stifle political dissent. This is not how the … Continue reading

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