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Problem Solved!

All I need to do is try to understand the global warming scam.

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President Obama Taking Climate Stupid To New Levels Today

The new EPA regs will have almost no impact on CO2, because Asians are building new coal fired power plants at a rate which makes puts Obama’s plans in the noise. Despite a 10% increase in CO2 since 1996, there … Continue reading

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No Warming For 18 Years Has Convinced Climate Experts That CO2 Is Even More Dangerous Than Before

CO2 has increased by 10% over the last 18 years, with no warming. This complete lack of correlation has convinced climate experts that CO2 is even more dangerous than they previously believed. Allowable carbon emissions lowered by multiple climate targets … Continue reading

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President’s Behavior Is “Not Optimal”

President Obama couldn’t be bothered to rescue Americans from YouTube protesters in Benghazi, but he suddenly felt an urge to have five Taliban commanders released – and didn’t have time to discuss it with Congress. Susan E. Rice, the president’s … Continue reading

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